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wagon factory now
wagon factory now

The prefabricated buildings produced by the Turkish Red Crescent will now be built in the old Wagon Factory. 20 December 482 According to the decision published in the Official Gazette, the Wagon Factory was awarded to Kızılay with a tender price of 650 thousand TL. Accordingly, the investment in 39 million pounds in the area to be started from 200 will gradually increase to a thousand 500 people will increase. In addition, prefabricated products to be produced will be produced according to the needs of institutions such as AFAD, Red Cross, UN and will be exported not only domestically but also abroad

Former Wagon Factory 20, which has been given to different institutions many times before, has been given to Turkish Red Crescent with the tender price of 482 thousand TL according to the decision published in the Official Gazette of December 650. Many institutions and organizations have offered recommendations for the Wagon Factory, which has an area of ​​496 thousand 350 square meters at Kuyulu District of Yesilyurt District of Sumer Holding, but no suggestions were accepted. which will be the largest investment project in Turkey, the Turkish Red Crescent 39 million pounds will be invested in Malatya. The prefabricated factory to be built will gradually increase the number of 200 people starting from 1500. In addition, the prefabricated structures to be produced here will be used not only in domestic but also abroad, while providing the needs of institutions such as AFAD, Red Cross and UN.

Turkish Red Crescent Malatya Branch President made a statement on the issue and expressed hope Yalcin are related to the investment to be made: "The Turkish Red Crescent Malatya will make one of the largest investments in Turkey. The Turkish Red Crescent is planning to make the Middle East and Asia in this region a center to be centralized. It is an investment that will provide employment to people close to 1500, and we can add great incomes to the industry of the Malatya industry. We always say that; 'Turkish Red Crescent is the property of the nation.' The goods of the nation, were given to the nation, for the Turkish nation to use the right, the most smooth way to take the step. Malatya in this place so making a big investment in terms of Kizilay, Turkey's hope we will make this region one of the most important region. "


Prefabricated products, building products will be produced in this factory. Containers, tent places, prefabricated buildings, houses, places of worship, schools, toilets, bathrooms will be produced. Especially building materials that can be used in disaster areas will be produced. These will not be produced for the Turkish Red Crescent. For AFAD, Red Crescent and Red Cross will be produced. The United Nations, like the United Nations, will have a range of products that are needed by many institutions and organizations, such as the United Nations.


Making a statement on the subject, Ak Party Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık said: “An idle facility in Malatya contributes to the economy. kazanThe disaster shelter systems production center has been implemented by the Turkish Red Crescent in Malatya. We will give all the political support we can so that our Turkish Red Crescent can realize its project as soon as possible, and we will ensure that the transactions are carried out quickly. In an environment where it is desired to be faced with an economic blow, a project worth 39 million TL was given to Malatya. kazanIt is very meaningful and valuable. The first step has been taken for such an important project, may it be beneficial for our Malatya and our country.” recorded his statements. (Rahime Gül Erbaş-Malatyasonsöz)

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