Trambuses in Malatya are Followed Instantly

The trambus in malatya are being followed in an instant 2
The trambus in malatya are being followed in an instant 2

Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat visited Trambus Maintenance and Repair Center and received information from MOTAŞ General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı.

Stating that the vehicles on the line have been followed with the 158 camera in the field, Mayor Polat said, Pol A comfortable and modern transportation service is provided by MOTAŞ on 22 Trambus and Ring Road. With the 158 camera placed at the stops and intersections, Trambuses are monitored instantly. In the 2018 year, approximately 61 thousand citizens, including% 690, used Trambuses. Comfortable, spacious, quiet, environmentally friendly and saves up to% 75 compared to diesel fuel vehicles. While MOTAŞ supervised its own service with its established camera tracking system, it also has a deterrent role against possible crime in Malatya. I would like to thank all of our staff who produced works at our service point in Malatya. M

President Polat then visited the maintenance workshop, and also received information about the work carried out Trambüsler.



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