Train, Tram and Buses in Luxembourg Free Now

lüsemburgda train trams and buses now free
lüsemburgda train trams and buses now free

Luxembourg, the smallest country in Europe, is the new decision to make everyone jealous. Under the plans of the coalition government, led by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, tickets for trains, trams and buses will be removed next summer.

The application concerns about 110 thousand people. In one study, drivers reported that 2016 spent an average of 33 hours in a traffic jam. The country has a thousand inhabitants of 600, while around 200 thousand people from neighboring countries cross the border every day to work in Luxembourg.

This plan of the government actually began to be implemented in summer. Free transportation for children and young people under the age of 20 was offered. Secondary school students used free services when going to schools and homes.

From the beginning of 2020, all tickets will be removed and savings will be made on the collection of tickets and supervision of ticket purchases. However, there is no clarity about what to do about the first and second class sections on trains.

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