Days Left To Strike In İZBAN ... Life Will Stop On Monday

life on rails on the rails
life on rails on the rails

The light rail suburban system İZBAN for the city, which is operated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD and connects Izmir on the north-south route, starts a strike on Monday, December 10 at 05.00. The TKP İzmir Provincial Organization called the people of İzmir to stand by the rightful struggle of the İZBAN worker, with the leaflets distributed all over the city.

The urban light rail suburban system İZBAN, which connects İzmir on the north-south route and served by 342 workers, has five days left for the strike. Railway Workers Union (Demiryol-İş) İzmir Branch announced last week that it would go on strike in İzmir Banliyö Sistemi A.Ş. (İZBAN) as of December 10, 05.00:XNUMX.

In the written statement made by the union, it was stated that in the process of collective bargaining negotiations, which have been continuing in İZBAN since 11 July 2018 but without any progress, the entire legal period was used to agree peacefully, and the following statement was made: We want everyone to know that our friends will not receive wages during the strike, that the strike is unemployment in a sense, and that we were forced to strike by our employer, who offered wages below the hunger line even though we did not want to. We will start to implement the strike decision we took on December 10, 2018 from 05.00. "


Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), Izmir Province Organization, which prepares a report began to transport the next four citizens of the city.

In the statement inviting the people of Izmir to stand by the righteous struggle of the İZBAN worker, he said, “We should stand by the İZBAN worker and explain to everyone that this strike is extremely legitimate. We should not forget for a moment that only those who protect their rights can protect their country ”.

The statement of TKP is as follows:

The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the İZBAN Management and Railway Workers Union for some time, 10 has decided to strike in December if there is no improvement in the headings demanded until this date. If the demands of İZBAN workers are not accepted, the 10 will stop in December.

Half of İZBAN is owned by the metropolitan municipality of the CHP, half of which belongs to AKP under the control of TCDD. Due to the ambition of the management of İZBAN, we are forced to ride every day on our way to our house, to our school, to the wagons on top of each other. As if that wasn't enough, we've been robbing with the “plus money system soy since last year.

The management of IZBAN is now stepping up a new laborer's enemy and offering his workers a wage that is almost below the hunger line.

No honorable citizen should be opposed to collective bargaining with the employer in order to protect the bread that the workers will be organized or to take to their homes; on the contrary, the most advanced economic acquisition of workers, the right to the right to strike-like collective bargaining should be owned by every platform. Because the problems that each of us has in our own workplaces are due to the fact that we are not united against the bosses and that we are unorganized and disorganized.

We, as the working people of İzmir, should know that the respondent of our reaction during the strike will be the management of İZBAN.

We must stand next to the İZBAN worker and tell everyone that this strike is extremely legitimate. We should not forget for a moment that only those who enjoy their rights can claim their hometown.


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