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heavy snowstorm
heavy snowstorm

📩 26/12/2018 13:37

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 31 is working continuously in the areas of responsibility for the 24 hours in order not to affect the daily life of snow in the city. In case of heavy snowfall, citizens can reach the Emergency Call Center of the Metropolitan Municipality via 444 55 42.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality provides 31 hours service in the center and 24 counties for the winter months to be smooth and for the citizens to have a comfortable winter.

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur Ibrahim Altay, before the winter months of the team and equipment preparations are made, vehicle fleets are strengthened by stating that the abundance of snowfall in the daily life to ensure that teams continue to work day and night in Konya said that the necessary work.


Under the preparations in the center of Konya in the city's 25 different points of the team against snow and ice recording Altay said, ın Our Office of the Department of Science at the 25 point in the city working with Emergency Response Teams. In addition to the center of Konya, we are at the service of our citizens with our staff and equipment at our 28 district headquarters serving our 7 district. 6 has a thousand tons of salt and a thousand tons of de-icing solution. During snowfall, our employees work day and night throughout the city, mainly in the city's main arteries, intercity routes, education, health institutions and other important roads. Our village 45, which turned into a neighborhood, also gave snow blades to be mounted on tractors. The staff there, the snow knife on the tractor, the first intervention in clearing snow. Inde We will be in the service of our residents in Konyali during the winter with thousand 900 personnel and 400 vehicles in our center and districts Merkez.


Uğur Ibrahim Altay, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Konya Governorship, Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate and district municipalities, as well as emphasizing that they will continue to work in a coordinated manner with the headmen, works in public facilities such as schools and mosques; In case of heavy snowfall, our citizens can reach the Emergency Call Center of the Metropolitan Municipality by calling 444 55 42. Citizens' request from our citizens who need help in terms of unfavorable denunciations on behalf of the victim to show a little more sensitivity. Again in the days of winter conditions, our drivers are asked to wear snow tires for their vehicles in order to keep them comfortable in traffic and also to have wedges, chains and tow ropes in their vehicles ına.

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