Kocaoglu: J They are not only trees, but also gendarmerie Koca

kocaoglu they are not only agar but also gendarmerie
kocaoglu they are not only agar but also gendarmerie

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu, 30 thousand trees by planting a very valuable land under the forest of Inciralt they have taken under protection against the threat of rent, stating, oğlu He is not only trees, trees. They are the protector of Inciralti, the gendarmerie. Onlar Mayor Kocaoglu, the city's EXPO nomination process in the İnciraltı lagoon recommendations to the agenda of the construction of the "I can't cut a tree without killing me here, a concrete cubes can not pour a meter" announced that he opposed.

Speaking at a special session of the eni İzmir Model tarihi of the International Symposium on sağlayan Sustainable Life in the Coastal Cities of the Mediterranean Körfez, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the Gulf was the most important factor that ensured the existence of İzmir and the survival of the city throughout its thousands of years of history. Moderated by Dokuz Eylül University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology. Dr. Adnan session that Akyarlı made, Turkey for the first time by understanding the difference they bring to the municipal local government's 'urban How do I reconstruct' President Aziz Kocaoglu voicing answer the question, the implementation of the project jointly developed by TCDD will accelerate cleanse the result of increased circulation in both the Gulf, as well as large tonnage ships will be provided to enter the port announced. The ÇED report process, which is of great importance for İzmir, took a very long time and stated that c The project's tender for EBA and the EIA report was made in 8 a month. 6 lasted for years, the approval of the project we will do, yap he said.

The Izmir Sea Project and the 40 km long coastline to meet the citizens of the sea stating that they are aiming to meet the Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, 750 million to invest in sea transportation said they had made.

When we did, they laid hands
Mr. Kocaoğlu, who gave examples of the struggles of the city for the protection of their values, continued his words as follows:
'N We spent a lot of effort to protect Bird Sanctuary and not to open the zoning. We made the way with natural material of 22 km length. We have worked with our teams in Homa Dalyan for two years to make fish again. Finally, when all the work was done and the work was done, the Ministry came and confiscated it. Now we've done this, counting the work we do, they say something we've done. It is very important to have such a bird paradise in the Aegean Region where 15 million people live. We have established in this region you are visiting Turkey's most advanced natural life park 1 million people. It's a huge, global scale. Büyük

You can't stop without killing me
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, 30 thousand trees to rubble dump areas in İnciraltı stitching recalling that they established the largest urban forest created by man in Turkey, "İnciraltı reforestation we did the Urban Forest, a project to safeguard the crucial rant center. Therefore, those trees are not just trees. He is the guardian of the region, the gendarmerie. O

In the EXPO nomination process of Izmir, a number of settlements in Inciralt was brought to the agenda and the middle of the lagoon in the region on land, part of the building project extending to the sea reminded President Kocaoglu, "Tree is cut, a new one is sewn," he said the project advocates. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, "without killing me, no one here can not cut a tree, can not pour a cubic meters of concrete," he said without hesitation to the project in question.

Professor Dr. Adnan Akyarlı said: an İzmir Model, which is defined in many ways, is a success story of an example of a local government governor with its principles and values. Ad


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