Kocaoğlu gave messages from Ankara

kocaoglu gave messages from ankaradan
kocaoglu gave messages from ankaradan

Speaking at the interview of METU Alumni Association in Ankara, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gave important messages to İZBAN from the construction crisis until the dreams after the presidency. Kocaoglu, "18 age, I started as a revolutionary in the faculty, I'm still revolutionary with the same spirit," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu participated in the talk titled oğu Izmir Local Government Model erne organized by Middle East Technical University Alumni Association. Moderator of the interview held in the center of Ankara, METU Faculty of Architecture Department of City and Regional Planning. Dr. Anlı Ataöv undertook. Ataöv said, de We feel great excitement as we hear what is happening in İzmir. Izmir Model, created with the dynamics of Izmir, a model from the practical .. How to do as much as what is done important. This model face the future, in he said.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Municipality-KİT partnership established with the partnership of İZBAN, Municipality-Private Partnership Izmir Geothermal, on-site and reconciliation-based urban transformation, 100 close to the coastal design that the architect has contributed, 90 minute application in public transportation, Profession Factory, Abla-Ağabey -President and rural development, such as the examples of the original projects President Kocaoglu the uncertainty in the economy made important statements.

During his speech, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who answered the questions of different subjects, underlined that they did not give much or no reconstruction to any one or any group in order to protect the city and said: Büyük I did not ask such a thing from any bureaucrat. I didn't work with the bureaucrat who asked for this. I work with the planning team every week. I did not send any plan decision that I did not consider. While protecting the city, we are also trying to grow economically. As intensifying the intensity, we have no intention of bringing the city to the side of the party, to the party, to bring it to it, to pollute it. I don't want any money, no money. The poor from the rich, the people of Izmir on the 7 y well knows this, Zengin he said.

In developed countries though ..
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that the mayor should not only carry out the duties limited by the law, increase the quality of life of the city dweller and increase his bite, but he also gave short answers to many questions about m whether he / she will be a candidate Belediye and kal what to do after the candidate Belediye. Kocaoglu, "Although I believe I'm going to be elected, despite the power of the seat and the seat of the country to stay again to break the business, wasted the source of such a decision to make an example for men. I've announced the nomination 6 months ago. When such tasks are finished in developed countries, it is tried to be evaluated from the experience of that person and to evaluate their knowledge and experience. When we go to the politician 'selam' aleyküm 'does not even say. I had a dream of an olive grove before. But when we were mayor, we ended up with the money. After that, this dream can only be realized with the support of children. If we go out, we'll take walks Ne.

Reminding that politics is a belief and a staff work, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, da The state is a policy for the country and the nation. Party is the only tool here. Does the lawless man do politics? You'il have a profession first. Politics is not a profession! As long as there are such men in politics, we cannot reach anywhere Böyle.

I'm still revolutionary.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu also answered a question about the İZBAN strike during the interview.

Ar The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality makes a collective agreement on average every two months within two years. It gives you the right. İZBAN is a partner organization. The union unfortunately went on strike 2 2 once a year. Although I give 22 percent .. I am not against strike, collective agreement, trade union rights. I started the faculty at the 18 age as a revolutionary, I'm still revolutionary with the same spirit. In the state, municipalities, in the private sector, is there a 22 raise and a collective agreement? Government officials, how many percent of retirees took up? What business people won on 2018? With populist trade unionism and populist revolutionism, there is no place. unionism made in Turkey, only wage unionism. First our feet have to touch the ground. If there is prosperity in the country, if there is added value, there is also a welfare share. There is no sharing of prosperity that cannot be provided by the rulers of the country! Why do they do not strike elsewhere in Izmir? Why does the central government do not strike anywhere in Izmir? Why would they tolerate this on the eve of the local election? Yerel

Kocaoğlu stated that the need for intermediate personnel in the private sector in İzmir reached 83 thousand. There is one thing we will do as our nation: we will work with our honor, honor, we will not slip. We will create resources, save money. 300 İZBAN worker is of course very important for me. But I'm running 320 thousand people and paying more than the private sector. I have to carry this big ship. Bu

Threat to our political independence
The financial crisis experienced in Turkey's economy thing is not lack of money or a "structural crisis", he pointed out that the President Kocaoglu, he continued:

. Those who came out of the televisions and the pants of the economy did not tell the truth for years. Because they didn't. Today, Turkey's problem is the inability to produce added value. The economic model imposed on us today is a model for the work of developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The guy has money, he sells money. Technology. We don't have money! We cannot close the difference between import and export. So why do we insist on this dictated model? The politician succeeds with a model that fits his or her people, society and life style. We'il be smart. We ate a lot, we drank from the sac. If we go with this economic dependency, we will have to make even greater concessions. We'il sacrifice. Most up to the lowest .. Most sacrifices will make the most winners. With a state policy, we have to get out of this pit and settle the problems in order not to come back. This is the Middle East. But we can survive with a strong economy. Otherwise, leave the impoverishment, our political independence will be gone. Aksi

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