Winter Inspection for Buses in Kocaeli

Checking the bus on the bus
Checking the bus on the bus

In the last 15 year, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to transportation in Kocaeli, makes sure that citizens travel quickly, comfortably and safely. In the cold and rainy weather that increased with the winter season, inspections for bus lines were tightened by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to make our citizens more comfortable and safer. The Directorate of Public Transport Department works to ensure that the bus routes are working in accordance with the routes, observing the hours, and checking the occupancy rates.


The Public Transportation Department ensures that the public transportation vehicles in Kocaeli are in compliance with the regulations for the comfort and safety of our citizens. With the studies carried out, details such as line codes of the public transport lines, voyage times, route working patterns, occupancy rates of vehicles, suitability of the vehicles, compliance with the instructions in the regulations and whether or not they have operated their heaters. In addition, the work of the new transmission lines are followed.


Directorate of Land Transportation Directorate, the internal controls of the buses and the citizens are engaged in devoted work in order to communicate with the citizens. In this context, teams take note of the suggestions, requests and complaints made by the citizens and take actions to eliminate the deficiencies.

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