Traffic Education for Children in Kocaeli with the Game "Trafiko"

kocaelide çocuklara trafiko game traffic education
kocaelide çocuklara trafiko game traffic education

Traffic safety is of great importance for the safety of people in today's world. Teaching the rules of traffic not only to the people who are at the age of getting a driver's license, but also to the children, ensures a consciousness society in the next generations. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department gives traffic safety education to primary school students. At the end of the trainings in the schools, the Traffic Services Branch Office provides a fun, educational and informative game called ere Trafiko all which teaches traffic safety and rules to students. To date, 148 thousand 500 students participated in the Traffic Safety Training.

The content of Trafiko game has been prepared by the staff of Traffic Services Branch. The Trafiko game teaches and informs children about traffic rules in a fun way. The aim of this course is to provide the necessary information about traffic, to measure the traffic information, to learn while learning and to reinforce the current knowledge as well as to teach the prominent values ​​of the province of Kocaeli. Trafiko game is given to children after traffic safety trainings and other similar activities.

With the training, children are encouraged to learn basic traffic and to warn parents to follow traffic rules. In Traffic Safety Trainings; To be able to understand the meaning of traffic signs, walking rules on the pedestrian crossing, safe passageways across the road, the importance and necessity of the safety belt, the warnings about the compliance with the traffic rules and the examples and help in the traffic to small classes are presented. The trainings provided by the Metropolitan Municipality staff also include video, clip, cartoons and animations and applied theatrical animations about traffic rules.

2009 bin 148 students joined in 500 since the trainings targeting safe life in traffic. Students have learned the fun of the education, schools in all districts are continuing within a certain program.

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