Plaque to Kocaeli Chauffeurs from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality gave the results of the trainings given to the drivers. SS 5. The 3 driver of the City Public Transit Koparatifi saved 3 with the trainings they received. The drivers, who gained appreciation of the public with their heroism, were awarded with a plaque by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department.

SS 5. Nolu City public transport cooperative drivers Mustafa Kişili, 121 number one even while working in the car spent a carelessness. People who remembered the of Basic First Aid hatır trainings given by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality intervened in the elderly woman who was ill. The first aid to the person who had the necessary assistance, the vehicle changed the route of the old woman, Derince Training and Research Hospital, the emergency department took her life by saving.

Driver Yakup Sağlam took his mother with a disabled passenger waiting for his car. The driver, who embraces the child and puts him in his car, departed from his route and took his disabled child, a mother and a patient, to the hospital. Driver Osman Sönmez brought a patient who was ill in his car to hospital. Sönmez who saw the passenger in the vehicle deteriorate, intervened. Kocaeli State Hospital stop the driver Sönmez, taking the passengers in his lap, Kocaeli State Hospital Emergency Department moved.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality awarded the success of hero drivers. Salih Kumbar, President of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, was hosted in his office. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department Salih Kumbar, Kocaeli Minibus and Busier Room President Mustafa Kurt and SS 5 City Public Transport Cooperative Chairman Lokman Aydemir attended the ceremony.

Salih Kumbar, Head of the Public Transportation Department of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, thanked to the chauffeur drivers; “I thank the driver brothers for their behavior. We expect the same behavior from our other driver brothers. We're trying to do what's on us. We see the benefits of trainings taken by our driver brothers. Ş

“I congratulate my chauffeur friends. I believe that all our driver brothers will have the same success. I would like to thank the administrators of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. We see how important the training they give our drivers. Our brothers and sisters from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality saved their lives with the education they received Ş. After the speeches, Salih Kumbar, President of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, presented a plaque and a certificate of appreciation to the drivers.

Hero drivers said that the behavior they performed was a humanitarian duty, and that they learned the first aid service through the Metropolitan Municipality. Thanks to the trainings they received the correct intervention to the citizens who recorded the correct heroes, the Metropolitan Municipality thanked for the sensitivity shown.

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