Kars-Tbilisi Railway Signalization Benefit Paid But The System Was Not Made

tiflis railway signaling money on the railway, but the system was not done
tiflis railway signaling money on the railway, but the system was not done

Kars-Tbilisi railway line 700 was contracted to million liras. The producer did not make the signaling system. But he paid for it. This irregularity revealed the TCA.

SPOKESMAN, Ali Ekber ERTÜRK'ın according to the report, the last Thursday in Ankara, and 9 92 2 person injured the accident, leading to a train accident after the Ministry of Transport announced the report. It was underlined that many railways were put into service before the signaling system was completed, as in the railroad where the accident occurred in Ankara. According to the report, the tender 700 project, signaling, electrification, such as affecting the safety of products were delivered without completion. One of this railway line was the Kars-Tbilisi Railway Project, which was awarded to 2 million liras. Here are the findings of the report: e It was stated that Kars-Tbilisi Railway Line was completed and opened to trade. Although it is true that the railway is open to trade, the statement of the completion of the project does not reflect the truth. A significant portion of the productions in the project have not been completed because the contract price has been filled. Tunnel and superstructure production was lacking, electrification, signaling and telecommunication manufacturing were not included in the contract. XNUMX will be awarded for the completion of the manufacturing. Kon


The TCA found that another railway project costing 658 million pounds was received without the electrification and signaling system being installed and the contractor was paid to the contractor as if all jobs were made. The report said,, 17 of the tunnels constituting the largest part of the project, 41 of the superstructure, 41 of bridges and viaducts have been completed and no manufacturing related to electrification, signaling and telecommunication has been made. Only 33 of the project has been completed. In

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