Kahramanmaras North Ring Road 3.Etap Works in Progress

kahramanmaras continues north-way route 3 stage work
kahramanmaras continues north-way route 3 stage work

The third stage of the North Ring Road, which is being constructed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş, continues at full speed.

The east of the city will start from the Gaziantep road and will be connected to the Kayseri road in the Guide Guide North Ring Road to the east of the city will connect the west.

While the work on the Northern Ring Road continues at a number of points, the entire road covers a route of approximately 30 kilometers.

On the North Ring Road, where dozens of heavy machinery work in a few places in the region, they lead to one side, while on the one hand the rocks are broken, on the one hand, facade wall concretes are poured and box culverts are placed.

Asphalt works are completed in the first stage in the ongoing works on the North Ring Road, while the asphalt works in the second stage and in the third stage the road works and culverts are continuing at full speed.

With the completion of the 55 meter-wide new boulevard that will be connected to the North Ring Road from the airport junction, the traffic density on the road to Gaziantep will be slightly reduced, while the traffic that passes through the city will be transferred to the rink lines after the completion of the Northern Ring Road.

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