Women's Island Train Response

Island train response from women1
Island train response from women1

Republican People's Party Women's Branches Gar Square, gathered in the group this week as every week of the train to get up at the Gar Square. The group also made a statement about the privatization of the Tank Pallet Factory.

Women's Branch President Azize Çeroğlu said, m Last week, I started my speech by wishing God's mercy on those who lost their lives in a train disaster in Ankara and wished their families patience. In this case, I wish condolences on behalf of a city experienced in Ankara. One night before the foundation of a decree 10 day in the customization to be done, who or who is to withdraw from the stallion.And we know that this single man regime from Sakarya values ​​and factories on this square will host more rights resistance. So yesterday ZiraiDesign, Nowadays, it's TankPaletgitti. For this reason, I want to express my condolences. What will be the labor workers working there now! I know that the workers will not leave the factories! So I think they will resist until the right wishes. And I think I ate the bread of that factory, the water as a daughter of a father who has turned the wheel for his family, I call the name of this wrongly return. When we start talking about Tank Pallet, don't think that the target is surprised and we are passing our train. The problems are growing every day so that one of us is hurting, one of us will be burned, when we see the woman, the child, the father will be burned. We are here until the workers, laborers, tradesmen and students get more comfortable and more comfortable transportation. I would like to remind the new attendees of our city. While I am encouraging the rail system in the sense of public transportation all over the world, I am a city of Wagon factory. You can't come from your nails! The description of the city has blocked traffic .. TCDD's main address is to prepare the whole infrastructure. Here I call the rulers of the ruling party again .. Great City President Please give voice .. Our province, the district is demanding to govern the political parties who are calling again.Ada train that we care about this problem in the name of the public to explain the solution to this problem. Tell us that; We do not see the island train and Adapazarı station as the only transportation and do not want the connection of our city with the history and do not want to render the station to the rant we think we will be next to you on this event we see the political ... We will be here until it happens only if we remain alone, "I greet everyone with this determination and faith .." statements took place.

The citizens of Arifiyeli stated that ADARAY is very important for their transportation and said: lar We were satisfied since Adaray started to serve. Thousands of students, retired, elderly, disabled and high-speed train passengers, who used this service from the city's Arifiye, terminal, Maltepe, mithatpaşa and city park stops, were very happy with this service. But now with a decision taken Adaray removed. Adapazari train to the bus from Mithatpaşa to Istanbul Pendik until the decision to transport passengers. The withdrawal of the service made us very sad. Sapanca'ya until the new settlement areas should be taken while the first stage of the rail system to remove the opening of the tribute to us as a stepchildren put us. We want the island to come again. Arifiye people can only use minibuses. There is only one alternative to transportation, ADARAY is the second transportation alternative. We want to get back into service. Hizmet (Source: I candidates)


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