Metro and Tramway Workers in Izmir Preparing for a Strike

Metro and tram employees are also preparing for strike in Izmir
Metro and tram employees are also preparing for strike in Izmir

In Izmir, a further strike is on the door after İZBAN. The workers of the metro and tram lines are also preparing for the strike due to the imposition of 14 hike by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

8 which took place between İzmir Metro, İzmir Metro and Demiryol-İş Trade Union affiliated with Türk-İş. period agreement on collective bargaining agreement could not be reached. After two months of interviews, there was no result in the one-month breaker period. The Metropolitan Municipality did not even attend the inter- mediator meeting it requested for the last time. The strike process will be started with the interpreter report.

The 64 clause of the 24 draft collective bargaining agreement was not accepted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Among the items that cannot be negotiated are the price hike, the fees for new hires, night work wages, job difficulties, shifts and cash compensation, overtime, week holiday and holiday holidays, working fees, bonuses and meals, holidays, firewood, family, children, marriage and birth. It's like ingredients. Also, there was no agreement on the job description, working time, disciplinary measures and clothing items.


The union is demanding a raise in the 600 pound. 14 and 27 increase the percentage of these fees is equivalent to the increase. The inflation rate for the first six months of the second year plus the inflation rate of 2 and the second six months are asked to increase. In addition, the bonus from 90 to 112 is also among the items. For the first time, duty and shift compensation was included in the draft while demanding work difficulty compensation between 150 and 300 TL.


70'dan 100'den over 10 percent of the overtime fee to work as well as the 4 to work during the week holiday, 3 on holiday days were requested. With the help packages, it was requested to increase the various rates for the allowed days. New recruiters in the subway, but at the end of the third year (75 in the first year, 85 in the second year), while the other workers were equalizing their wages, the union wanted to reduce this period to two years. In response to these demands of the union, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir proposed an increase of 14 in wages and social rights, which was 10 at the previous meeting.


The metro, Evka 3-Fahrettin Altay, which has the most important place in İzmir's rail transportation, serves at the 17 station. Konak and recently started to serve Karşıyaka tram lines were connected to İzmir Metro. All three lines use around 450 thousand people daily. The contract includes 449 workers working as subway and tram lines, traffic controller, station chief, vehicle technician, driver, station operator, vehicle, line technician, foreman, switchman, lift operator, accounting, teller, box office, service and administrative building personnel. (Source: Universal)

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