Izmir Bay Transition Project EIA Positive Decision Canceled

izmir korfez past project ced canceled positive decision
izmir korfez past project ced canceled positive decision

In the case against the positive decision of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) given by the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects for the Gulf Transit Project in Izmir, the Izmir Administrative Court decided to cancel the EIA Positive Decision.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, March 2017 Izmir Bay Transit Project planned to pass south-north direction of Izmir Gulf Transition Project on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report that we have filed on the execution of the trial court in the last August, the decision to "Stop the execution" had made.

In the case against the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by TMMOB, with the decision of Izmir Administrative Court dated 30.10.2018; ; No changes have been made in the development plans of the 1 / 5000 and 1 / 1.000 scale related to the area where the project is involved in the İzmir Bay Crossing project including the Motorway and Rail System; Since the İzmir Bay Transition Project is not produced as a strategy of a plan at the provincial or regional level, it is not in line with the planning principles and principles; the north axis of the project passes through a very important nature conservation area. section, where water conservation status and area water exchange in the ecosystem will change, which may lead to the extinction of the aromas which are the most important ring of the food chain. In case of an ecosystem connected to each other with sensitive balances, the geological information given in the EIA project is very general and small scale. that there is no clear information about the ground information that constitutes the basis of the project, where the sub-section of İnciraltı is passing through the active fault line zone and the connection gaskets in this section have the capacity to tolerate the horizontal and vertical displacements expected in a possible earthquake. Considering that the relevant report does not provide any details, it has been concluded that the ç Environmental Impact Assessment Positive uc decision on the subject of the law does not comply with the law.

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