İzmir is counting the days for Gün EuroVelo İzmir

gun count for izmir eurovelo 3
gun count for izmir eurovelo 3

The European Bike Network in Europe, which produces projects to include Izmir in EuroVelo, will achieve this goal at the beginning of 2019. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, EuroVelo to participate in the Mediterranean Route in his work in the Travel Turkey Fair will be held at the European Bike Course Network Workshop will tell.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and National EuroVelo Coordinator The ayı European Bike Route Network Workshop ayı will be organized in cooperation with the Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Association and will be held at 6-8 December in Fuar İzmir. Travel Turkey will be held simultaneously with Izmir Fair. Representatives of the International Cyclists' Federation (ECF), as well as visitors from Belgium, Greece and Denmark, are expected to participate in the workshop, marking together with the technical, marketing and promotional activities Izmir has made and will undertake to join the EuroVelo Mediterranean Route. , road works and infrastructure arrangements will also be discussed.

EuroVelo's eye will be in Izmir
6 The opening speech of the European Bike Course Network Workshop, which will start at 13.00 on Thursday, will be held by the General Secretary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Buğra Gökçe will do it. ECF Vice President William Nederpelt, 'EuroVelo, is more than riding a bike', Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Cycling and Pedestrian Access Chief. Özlem Taşkın Erten 'EuroVelo Experience of Izmir', Limburg Tourism Director Ward Segers, 'Limburg Bike Points Network', EuroVelo Founder Jens Erik Lansen 'From Past to Future EuroVelo' and EuroVelo National Coordinator of Greece Spiros Papageorgiou 'Connecting Opportunities to People and Cultures 'will perform their presentations.

What is EuroVelo?
EuroVelo is a sustainable alternative tourism model supported by the European Parliament's Tourism and Transport Committee. In Europe, the 70 covers the 45 long road cycling route, a thousand km of which is planned on a thousand km. The EuroVelo bike routes provide support for the prestige of cities in the countries it passes through and the development of the socio-economic structure. The ECF is headquartered in Brussels / Belgium and is run by the European Federation of Cyclists.

Mediterranean Route
The EuroVelo 15 Mediterranean Route, which is one of EuroVelo's 8 long-distance bicycle routes and where Izmir is applying for membership, starts from Spain. France, Monoco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, and Greece and Cyprus, including 11 is passing through the country. There are 23 world heritage sites and 712 fish species of Aegean Region. With the addition of Izmir to this network, the list is expected to be enriched.

Dikili from Gumuldur
Taking important steps for the development of tourism in Izmir, the Metropolitan Municipality has made significant efforts since 2016 to join the EuroVelo Bike Route Network. European Bike Federation (ECF) 15 different route from Izmir for the appropriate ken EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean route, applying for the application of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was approved the same year, the membership is expected to take place in January 2019.

Starting from the city of Kadiz in Spain, Athens, Greece, and also two endpoints in Cyprus, the East dakiWest line of 5888 kilometers cycling path network, with the addition of Izmir 6379 will go to the kilometer. Izmir, including the EuroVelo will be the first city in Turkey. Tourists who want to come to Izmir on the extension of the EuroVelo 8 Mediterranean Route will be able to travel by sea to Sakili from Chios to Cesme or from Lesbos to Bergama, Aliaga, Foça, Sasalı, Urla, Çeşme, Alaçatı via Dikili. Seferihisar'a, Gumuldur will reach the Seljuk. This network, which will link the cities of Pergamon and Selcuk in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, will be 491 kilometers long. European Cyclists Federation (ECF), after the completion of the necessary preparations on the route in the route 2019 as EuroVelo Turkey will add to the picture.

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