İzmir Became a School of Environmental Transport

izmir cevreci became the school of transportation
izmir cevreci became the school of transportation

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's fleet of electric buses and install solar power plant, becoming a reference for many municipalities in Turkey and the world. 90 has hosted thousands of members of the International Association of Public Transporters (UITP) on the electric bus as well as the ESHOT General Directorate.

Turkey's first full-electric bus fleet establishing the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate General of ESHOT, the experience gained by electric buses and solar power plant projects continue its leadership in this area by sharing with other cities.

International Association of Public Transport (UITP) organized by and Turkey as well as the world takes place at the participants from the different countries where electric buses training program, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT Headquarters was hosted. Experiences gained in Izmir, where the 20 electric bus fleet operates, was shared with the presentations of international trainers. With this training, participants were provided with a comprehensive overview of the urban strategy for urban transport networks, a selection of technologies and selection of batteries and bus purchases as well as an electrical solution for the implementation and operation of the system. The participants, who came to Izmir for training, also examined the electric bus project, which was awarded the otobüs Environment and Sustainable Development Award proj by UITP, and the solar energy system supporting this project. At the end of the training program, ESHOT's deputy general managers, Kader Sertpoyraz, Turgay Akkaya and Tufan Eker gave certificates to the participants.

Award-winning project
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with green transport and energy projects, given by the UITP "Environment and Sustainable Development Award" Besides, Turkey Healthy Cities Association 2018 year's Best Practices Contest "Healthy Environment" category was awarded the first prize.

The 20 electric bus, commissioned in April last year, has carried a total of 5 million passengers to date. In this way, the use of 784 thousand liters of diesel fuel was denied, 81 savings per kilometer were achieved according to diesel vehicles. The 2 bin 103 ton CO² emission was thus prevented. It was founded in the roof of the bus ESHOT workshop for energy 10 thousand square meters solar power plant is the first project in this field in Turkey.

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