Izmir Ankara High Speed ​​Line Launched at 2022

izmir ankara rapid train line emergency date 2022ye sarkti
izmir ankara rapid train line emergency date 2022ye sarkti

Opening Date of Izmir Ankara High Speed ​​Line Dangles to 2022: The date that Izmir - Ankara high speed trains will start, which many citizens wonder, was announced. 5 Izmir Branch of Railway Workers Union has decided to launch the strike in December due to the lack of reconciliation from the collective bargaining agreements with İZBAN workers.

CHP Party Assembly and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Public Enterprises Commissioner Izmir Deputy Attorney Sevda Erdan Kilic, Turkey Railways and its subsidiaries' activities by taking mentioned in the meeting of the commission that studied the accounts and their report, recalled the responsibility of tcddyönetim to izban and demanded to show the necessary efforts for solution .

izban the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of the Republic of Turkey State Railways Sword indicating that the General Directorate established in 2006 of the protocols signed between, "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality izban a fully-thirds of Ankara when 1 kilometer railway base with its own resources, to the semi Istanbul cost. The 50 of İZBAN belongs to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality while the other one belongs to the General Directorate of State Railways. In addition, the General Directorate of State Railways conducts the collective bargaining negotiations for this period. Ayrıca


Kılıç stated that they tried to solve the problem without compromise and said: çalışan The failure to come to terms with the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the workers working in İZBAN, which operates the suburban transport in İzmir, is a regrettable situation for both the union and workers and the people of İzmir. it is the case. Regarding the decision of the strike as a democratic right with respect, the strike will bring to the people of İzmir, considering the victimization of the negotiations as soon as possible to conclude the conciliation of everyone is a common wishes. TCDD officials exchanged views with the TCDD management and officials on the issues and similar issues. He said that TCDD officials had invited Hüseyin Ervüz, the Head of the Izmir Branch of the Railway Workers' Association, to Ankara and media reports that he had an interview with 10 on the hour. What is the approach of TCDD management to this issue which is closely related with the people of Izmir? Is there any progress made in the meeting with the President of the Union Hüseyin Ervüz? Do you have any attempts to solve the problem without anyone being victimized? Sorun

Referring to the İzmir-Ankara high-speed train project, which was produced during the meetings of the Commission, Kılıç also asked the General Director of TCDD about the stage of the works and the time of the first expedition.

General Director of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) İsa Apaydın, previously announced the start of 2019 Izmir-Ankara high-speed train to train the year 2022 is trying to grow said.

Map of Ankara - Izmir High Speed ​​Train

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  1. I think Izmir should not be asked why Istanbul Izmir not in the middle of Istanbul THY passenger density See how many Istanbul airplane flight There is even this Izmir Izmir even if the idea would have this line would have been the biggest vessel in Izmir, but this may be the main vein of the business. To be able to say that this is the shortest and most suitable way to connect Istanbul to Istanbul, it was enough to look at the map and if this line were in Balıkesir and Bursa, but it would not work in the country, but it did not work in the country. There is nothing else in the middle of fighting! I think that you should make inquiries that ask them questioning them in the likes of advertising.

  2. Disgrace. They will try to raise 2022. So 2025 e barely finish. I don't know what time it'il be for emergency.