16 From İZDENİZ To The Million Passenger Surprise

16 million record from the sea 1
16 million record from the sea 1

The annual number of passengers carried by IZDENIZ has increased by 2013 million since 2,5; Milyon 2018 million threshold bit was exceeded for the first time before 16 was finished. It Izdemir, Turkey's youngest and most modern fleet started to serve the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has achieved an increase in the number of passengers visibly. 2014 passenger ship was launched in the year 15 and thanks to the passenger ship, the journey times were shortened and comfort increased. 2013 13.5 million in the number of passengers, Cakabey and 9 2014 in September with the introduction of the 14.8 million reached. With the completion of the fleet, the number of passengers carried by ships has increased dramatically. In addition to the speed, safety and comfort of the new ships, the number of passengers, the number of voyages and the increase in the number of piers were also effective.

16 was the millionth passenger
IZDENIZ, because the number of passengers carried in 2018 reaches 16 million Karşıyaka Held a surprise ceremony at the pier. Unaware of everything, Neslihan Özkan, who boarded the 14.30 Konak ferry for his brother's surgery, was shocked when he saw the D 16 millionth passenger li and saw ”hand-flowered” İZDENİZ officials in the face. Stating that he lives in Buca but prefers ferry transportation whenever he finds the opportunity, Özkan said, “New generation ships are both comfortable and very fast. Even if I don't have a job, I travel by ferry to breathe the sea air. This is really a great chance for the people of Izmir. I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for this service ”.

The number of passengers is such a plus
2013 million 13 in 500, 2014 million 14 in 800, 2015 million in 14 300 in 2016, 14 in 800 million 2017 in 15, 900 in 2018 16 1 ships in XNUMX XNUMX thousand passengers, XNUMX exceeded the XNUMX million threshold for the first time before XNUMX year. The number of vehicles transported on İZDENİZ ferryboats recently exceeded the XNUMX million limit.

Modern and safe ships
15 was designed for the ”Marine Transportation Development Project yolcu by 13 in Yalova. Dr. Aziz Sancar ships were constructed in accordance with the High Speed ​​Boat (HSC) code. 30 knots speed up to both ships in the international capacity to make ..

Ships can go 400 miles without refueling. 400 passenger and 4 passenger wheeled passenger capacity are more than steel, lighter than aluminum, more durable, longer life and operating costs are produced from carbon composite materials. Ships with full electronic control system and maneuverability capability, in this way, can perform berthing and landing in short time.

Its comfortable and ergonomic seats provide a wide seat distance. For the visually impaired passengers there is also a feelable surface and embossed warning and direction signs written in Braille alphabet where necessary. Another feature of the ships is the availability of 10 bicycle parking spaces and independent pet cages.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality offers a convenient transportation service with its 3 passenger car with the superior features it has added to its fleet within the scope of the is Sea Transportation Development Project İzmir.

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