İZBAN's Pre-strike Description


İZBAN management, the strike to begin tomorrow, the Railway Workers Union (Railroad-Work) Izmir Branch and the people of Izmir, claiming that the victims of the result, 22 offer the average wages resulting from the proposals of the people of Izmir reported that they leave.


Lardır Collective Bargaining anlaşma negotiations are the places where the parties sit on the table for handshake, evaluate the mutual proposals and seek the ground of agreement.

But; Two years ago in the period of the collective bargaining of the public despite the bidding rates and inflation above the public opinion, the dur GREV ım approach, the Izmir people and the employees of the Izmir Branch of the Trade Union, the country is turning its back to the realities of our country today.

The fact that we sit on the table with the request of ım 65 TIME ON THE PERCENT İzmir does not mean anything to the people of Izmir and the employees for the second time. In addition, we believe that the search for rights should be done with the right data rather than misleading the public with wrong information.

Therefore, the monthly average net ceiling fees, which are the result of our offer of 22, which is the result of our offer, including the minimum subsistence allowance, are left to the discretion of the valuable people of Izmir and underline the fact that food and way will be added to these numbers in the monthly 559 TL per person:

Engineer: 3.435 TL

Traffic control center: 3.435 TL

Technician: 3.395 TL

Technician: 3.220 TL

Station operator: 3.119 TL

Treasurer-Publicist: 3.065 TL

Office staff: 3.014 TL


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