The strike left behind the fourth day in İZBAN

the strike left behind on the fourth day
the strike left behind on the fourth day

In Izmir, the strike of İZBAN workers left the fourth day behind. TKP İzmir provincial organization made a visit to İZBAN workers on strike.

The strike began on December 10 İZBAN the Communist Party of Turkey Izmir Province Organization made a visit.

Dı Izban Worker Will Win ey, y Long Live Class Solidarity İzmir, İş Izban Worker Is Not Alone TK with the slogans of TKP members and friends who went to the workers of the strike, the Izmir branch of the Trade Union of the trade union Hüseyin Eryüz and union workers in the strike welcomed.

In his speech, Eryüz said that they were offered a wage offer under the poverty line, and the offer was well below the inflation increase in 2018. Eryüz Eryüz stated that their aim is to have a human life opportunity of İZBAN workers, and that the scavenging machinists should get off the train. In addition, Eryüz said, İzmir We also thank TKP İzmir Provincial Organization, which is next to us in our struggle Ayrıca.

Then, Mehmet Inam, the provincial chairman of TKP, speaking on behalf of the Izmir provincial organization, said, “The strike of the Izban worker is justified and legitimate. Today, many workers in Turkey's point, workers continue their struggle, saying, "Flormar, Cargill recalled the resistance of the workers and Taris.

I How many days, no matter how many weeks we as TKP Izmir Provincial Organization, next to you, we will be with you every day, olac said Inam, Izmir people's response should be directed to İZBAN management, saying he completed his words.

TKP members chatted with the workers after the announcement.News Left)


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