İZBAN Employees Stating that they will continue with a stable

izban workers said they will end the strike with determination
izban workers said they will end the strike with determination

Strikes 8. İZBAN workers entering the day stated that they are determined to continue the strike until the collective labor agreement ends in accordance with their wishes.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in partnership with the operated public transport network in Izmir Suburban Network (İZBAN) strike launched by employees failed the result of collective bargaining talks have left behind a week. The workers of İZBAN, who is a member of Demiryol-İş Union, stated that they are determined to continue the strike until their demands are met and expressed that they support the people more than they expect.

Stating that their morale was like the first day of the strike, Workplace Representative Berkan Arda said, “Many unions, political parties and mass organizations came to support. Likewise, many citizens came and said that we were there. They know and support our rightfulness. We will continue, we are at the beginning of the road. There is no problem in stability. We stand behind our demands. The figures announced by İZBAN can only be taken by one or two people, inflated. An explanation that is all about perception. İZBAN is lying and could not explain again. The strike will continue until we receive our rights. Let the people of Izmir follow the right news. If they have anything in mind, let them come and talk to us. We stand here for our right, our labor, we have no other purpose. ”


Mehmet Şerif, who works as a machinist, said: “We are with all our friends. People also know that the figures announced by İZBAN are not real. We informed and told the public before going on strike. I entered the ninth year, the money I received today is 1860 thousand 2 with 400 liras, social rights and the money given by the state. Let the İZBAN management stand behind its employees. We want to support our family. Let them give us our right, we don't want anything else. We are determined to continue the strike. This is our fourth contract and until now we have always finished as IZBAN wanted, we could not get what we wanted. If they had given our rights before, these numbers would not be discussed today. Our demands are accumulating for 4 contracts. We apologize to the people of Izmir, we would not want to do this strike, but we want to support our family. We want to live a proper life. Let them understand us and stay with us. ”


Car maintenance technician Kerem Özgür, who wants the draft agreement to be accepted in the same way, said, “The weather is cold, rainy but strike solidarity keeps us together. A lot of support from citizens. A large number of workers said that we have retired. 10 out of 9 people from Izmir are positive. IZBAN management is responsible for the strike. The figures announced by İZBAN are not obvious. I guess they also show the expenses they spend abroad to the İZBAN worker. The İZBAN administration drags the public to hatred and hatred towards us, but did not keep these plans. After all, people are bringing bread to their home from here, why should we strike where we stopped? We all have financial problems. We all have debts. We have been carrying out this collective agreement for five or six months, and let's agree on the table, so that the people of Izmir will not have any problems, but they will not end without our wishes. ”


The biggest supporters of İZBAN workers are the İzmir Metro workers, who have been a member of Demiryol-İş since the first day. İzmir Metro employees, whose collective agreements are in the mediation process, kazanHe also says that his contract will have a positive impact on his own contracts. İzmir Metro Workplace Chief Representative Celel Dağaşan stated that they live on the border of hunger and said, “There is no point in working when these conditions are not improved. We are fighting for rights and bread for our own future and for our children. The employer's statements and the information he gave to the press are not real. We do not want huge numbers from the employer, as is exaggerated in the press. Workers' rights are being exploited in Turkey. Employees continue to struggle for labor. Let our demands be accepted as soon as possible,” he said.

Source : www.evrensel.net

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