Izmir Urban Transportation, İZBAN Strike Measure

big city against izban strike b plani
big city against izban strike b plani

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality increased the number of trips in ESHOT, İZULAŞ and İZDENİZ and created new lines in order to prevent the citizens from being negatively affected by a possible strike, in case of no compromise in the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations in İZBAN.

ESHOT, İZULAŞ and İZDENİZ, which have a significant share in the public transportation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, took necessary measures on the possibility of strike in İZBAN between Aliağa and Selçuk. In the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the officials of the Metropolitan Municipality, who said that they were hopeful until the last moment, to increase the number of voyages in ESHOT, İZULAŞ and İZDENİZ, in order to prevent the citizens from being affected negatively by a possible strike, will be able to serve all new bus lines in the morning. from next time will start.

North Axis
In order to meet the demand of Aliağa, Foça and Yeni Foça, a new line was established between Aliağa Transfer Center and Egekent Transfer Center with the help of 843 units and 10 minute frequency. In addition, bus lines to be operated with bell-shaped vehicles between the Aegean Sea Transfer Center with the number 15 and the Bornova Metro Transfer Center and the Çiğli Transfer Center with the number 844 and Alsancak Gar were established.

Passengers using the Foça-Hatundere Transfer Center line no. 744 ere at Helvacı junction N,

Passengers using the New Foça-Biçerova Transfer Center line with the number 745 are located at the ise New Foça crossroads yol, and passengers using the Buruncuk-Hatundere Transfer Center line with the 752 no. line access.

In addition to this, according to the passenger density, Bostan-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X, 121 Mavisehir-GHG-200-X-X-X-N Additional buses will be allocated to Egekent Transfer Center-Alsancak Station, Bostanli Iskele-Alsancak Garage with the number 543 and Egekent Transmission-Konak lines with the number 800.

South Axis
Torba (Tepeköy Transfer Center and Cistern Transfer Center) and the cistern between the 10 pieces of bell-shaped vehicles with the 15 minutes to serve as a new bus line was created.

Additional buses will be allocated to Şirinyer Transmission-Halkapınar Metro, 418, Tınaztepe-Halkapınar Metro and Xnumx Tınaztepe-Lausanne Square. Some of the services of the Tınaztepe-Halkapınar Metro line with the number 70 will start from the Şirinyer Transfer Center.

Gaziemir-Halkapınar Metro, 90, Gaziemir-Halkapınar Alsancak Garage, 691 No. Mavişehir Transfer Center-Airport lines with the number 200, which provide public transportation services in Gaziemir Region, can also be connected to Halkapınar Metro 253-Konak lines in the city center. additional support will be made by bus reinforcement.

Reinforcement from İZDENİZ
In case of a possible İZBAN strike Karşıyaka and Bostanlı piers will also be made by IZDENIZ. ESHOT and İZULAŞ will set up additional flights for easier access to the piers for citizens living in these regions.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials, citizens instead of private vehicles would prefer to use sea transportation, he said.

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