İZBAN Expeditions Fully Stopped!

izban flights stopped completely
izban flights stopped completely

Izmir, Izmir Suburban System stops completely stopped. 15 strike in İZBAN for days, but additional flights were made. IZBAN flights were not made this morning after Demirol-Is Izmir Branch decided to stop the ongoing strike in IZBAN and demanded the stop of additional trains.

HabertürkThis morning, Gülçin Ayçe reported silence on the platforms at İZBAN (İzmir Suburban System). Those who did not know that additional flights stopped completely by the court decision came to Izmir to go to their jobs, but after learning that the flights stopped, the people of İzmir were disappointed and planned to go to work and school in another way.


10 decided to strike in December. Railways and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was organized. However, they could not agree on the rate of increase in collective bargaining agreements and therefore the decision to strike was made 15 days ago. However, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality commenced additional flights to suburban transport.


Between the Çiğli Station and the Adnan Menderes Airport, the 24 was limited to a limited number of flights per minute. These flights continued and, in part, measures were taken to solve the problem. After that, the union applied to the court on the grounds that it was a strike-breaker. The court ruled as of yesterday decided to stop the campaign.


Habertürk reporter Ayçe said that the security guards had lowered the shutters in İZBAN and stated that the citizens were reacting because of the intensity with the working hours. While one of the citizens stated that the workers had to agree a moment ago, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is trying to prevent the citizens from having problems by putting additional flights to the city bus service due to the stop of İZBAN.

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