İZBAN Workers are Ready to Deal If We See These Numbers Every Month

Izban workers are ready to see these figures every month
Izban workers are ready to see these figures every month

At the Izmir Suburban System Inc. (İZBAN) strike, the employer withdrew his proposal of hike averaging 26, after the workers' decision to continue with the strike. Workers, said that the management of İZBAN is lying, 'These numbers are recommended every month if we will see the cash machine ready to negotiate,' he said.

According to the statement made by the management of İZBAN, 17 said that on average, 4 hike was offered on average with the increase of 26 points on the condition that ancak immediate termination Send of the strike lasting for days and N immediately terminated İZ, however, Demiryol-İş Union decided to continue the strike. İZBAN management, announced the withdrawal of the proposal.

The explanation of İZBAN from social media is as follows:


Ahmet Güler, representative of İZBAN workplace representative, addressed to the public in his video response. Güler, who said that the management of İZBAN is a lie, said inin If these figures announced by İZBAN management will be complete, we will be ready to deal with the cash dispenser every month İZ.

Güler's statements are as follows:

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