Minibus Supplement to İZBAN Line


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has created a new minibus line for 3 which will work during the İZBAN strike. Şirinyer-Çiğli, which was initiated with the decision of UKOME in order to ease the passenger density on the line parallel to İZBAN, Karşıyaka-Sirinyer and Alaybey-Kemer minibus lines will operate between 06.00-24.00 hours.

During the İZBAN strike, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which made reinforcements in buses, ships, subways and trams for the purpose of overcoming possible problems in public transportation, created a new minibus line between Çiğli and Şirinyer and parallel to İZBAN in addition to the measures taken. It is reported that the minibuses that will run lend only during the strike bildiril by UKOME will travel between 3-06.00 hours and the boarding fee is determined as 24.00 TL. The minibuses, which will be lifted by 3 every minute, are expected to ease the intensity of İZBAN line.
The routes of the minibuses that started working this morning are as follows:

1-ÇİĞLİ-SIRİNYER LINE (via Anadolu Street)
2- KARŞIYAKA-ŞİRİNYER LINE (via Anadolu Street)
3- ALAYBEY-KEMER LINE (from Altınyol)

Current Railway Tender Schedule

For 24
For 24

Tender Notice: Level Crossing Guard Service

October 24 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
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