Employer Raise Bid Proposal on 17 Day of İZBAN Strike

Employers' raise offer increased on 17 day of izban strike
Employers' raise offer increased on 17 day of izban strike

Following the strike initiated by İZBAN workers who could not get their desired hikes in the collective bargaining agreement (TİS) in İzmir, a new hike was offered from İZBAN management.

The strike, which started in IZBAN, entered the 17 on the third day and a new offer from the employer came. İZBAN management, which re-gathered yesterday evening with the management of the İzmir branch of the Demiryol-İş Trade Union, where the workers were organized, presented its final offer. The 22 hike offer was increased to 26. It was learned that the talks started at 21.30 last evening and continued until the morning.

It is expected that the railroad-work union will respond by evaluating the rate of increase with the workers in the strike.


Ahmet Güler, representative of İŞBAN workplace representative, stated in his statement about the new offer of the employer: açık The subject of our negotiations is not just the price increase. That is not just a matter of root wages. Shift compensation, driving compensation issues, there is the subject of overtime. What does İZBAN management say about them? The management of İZBAN brought this proposal not to be below the minimum wage announced yesterday. That is to say, the 26 would already give in order not to fall below the minimum wage announced yesterday. This offer was forced to increase to 26 percent. In other words, IZBAN cannot employ workers under the minimum wage. He has to pull over. So this offer has nothing to accept. In (News left)

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