İZBAN's Workers in Strike Demonstrate Their Payroll versus Perception Operation

izban strike workers show payrolls against algi operation 1
izban strike workers show payrolls against algi operation 1

İZBAN workers in İzmir left the strike behind the eighth day. The workers of the employer against the perception of the İZBAN employers under the impression of a move came from the operation. Workers hung their payrolls on the walls of the building of İZBAN.

IZBAN strike, which started on December, 10 in Izmir, has left the eighth day behind. In Izmir's urban suburban system İZBAN, 10 started its strike on December using the 342 labor constitutional rights.

Against the perception operation of the employer that the employer received high salaries, workers have begun to perform their moves on the official payroll. Workers who raised their payrolls hung on the walls of the İZBAN station. Workers who shared the payrolls showing the net salaries in their pockets with the public in İzmir gave such a response to the statements of the employer of İZBAN, who gave them their testimony.

Hüseyin Eryüz, head of the Izmir branch of the Railway Workers' Union, said in a statement earlier: Demiryolu

Var We currently have a net charge of 1878 TL; this figure includes jackpots, fires, job difficulty compensation, minimum subsistence allowance. So we have 1878 TL, including side income. The most bully is the 2250 and 2400. They are married and have children with side compensation. These are the workers who started out at 2010, who are the oldest workers, technicians, who take the business risks out of the high. That's not all. So the wages they receive are lower than the lowest civil servant salary. Hepsi


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