With the İZBAN Strike, Izmir's Transport Ascension Has Entered Its 9th Day

izbanlilerin transportation lace with izban strike entered the 9
izbanlilerin transportation lace with izban strike entered the 9

The strike launched in İZBAN due to lack of results in collective bargaining negotiations entered its 9th day. Workers on strike state that they will continue to continue the strike until their demands are met, while the transportation problem of Izmirians continues.

Ahmet Güler, the Railway-Work Union Workplace Representative Ahmet Güler related to the strike in İZBAN, which is operated with the partnership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, said, “The strike will continue until the right demands of our 343 friends are met. Whether it is in Ankara, Izmir or Istanbul, we can not solve it… We have not been able to take bread home for 8 days ”.


Noting that 300 thousand people used İZBAN before the strike, and now 24-40 thousand people were moved with the non-strike engineers every 50 minutes, Güler said, “Some people want to use İZBAN workers to politics. Our job is labor. We are fighting for gold sweat. ”


While the strike, which started on 10 December in İZBAN, has not been reached yet, it has been learned that some of the drivers work in the municipal buses whose flights are increased.

Engin Topal, Head of the Branch No. 1 of the Genelİş Union, where ESHOT personnel are organized, said that the number of personnel is already low and that the current permits have been canceled due to the strike in İZBAN. – Yenicentury

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