İZBAN Strike Goes to 6 Day

izban strike entered the 6
izban strike entered the 6

While there is no contact between İZBAN management and Demir-Yol İş union so far, the people of İzmir said: ve This problem should be solved as soon as possible. We are attracting grief every day. Her

The employees of İZBAN, operated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD jointly, have passed 22 days after starting the strike by not accepting the proposed 5 wage increases in the collective bargaining agreement (TİS). Despite the calls for reconciliation made by the big-assed İzmirlıların parties to the parties and the strike of the İZBAN management and the decision of the Iron-Road Work Union, 5 a day was not even provided contact. Reacting to the parties not to take action to form a ground of agreement, the people of İzmir said, için This problem must be solved as soon as possible. We are suffering from grief every day. Her

While the strike was under way, the Chairman of the Izmir Demir-Yol İş Union, Hüseyin Ervüz said, le The management did not try to reach them. They should be satisfied with their situation Hall.


Ervüz argued that they did not want them to continue, but the conditions forced the staff to strike, ini İZBAN management did not request us. We have said our demands. We announced that we would agree if they gave the numbers to the staff before the strike, but the administration remained silent. They choose not to see us. I think they're happy that the strike continues. Sanırım


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu speaking at the ceremony in the district, continued İZBAN strike, "I would be a candidate for 31 in March would not give 22 percent," he said. Menemen Mayor Tahir Sahin, Kocaoglu'na, 'return' was called.

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