Istanbul's New Airport 5 Swallows Big Forest Every Year

Istanbul's new airport 5 has swallowed a huge forest in a year 1
Istanbul's new airport 5 has swallowed a huge forest in a year 1

Istanbul's new airport is on the agenda again with an environmental damage. İBB Council Member Nadir Ataman with CHP fotoğraf Satellite photographs reveal how the forest was destroyed. There is no such example in the world. Böyle

According to Özlem GÜVEMLİ from SÖZCÜ, the destruction of Istanbul's new airport in the northern forests, which has been the subject of debate since the first day, has never fallen on the agenda. According to the official figures for the new airport, the 2 thousand 300 hectares of forest area were destroyed while the stone and sand quarries opened for the construction also destroyed the green texture. The destruction of the forest area around the sand quarry on the Black Sea coast within the boundaries of Eyüp Akpınar District next to Istanbul Airport is just one example of this. Satellite imagery shows you step by step how the forest is destroyed. According to the satellite imagery, thousands of square meters of woodland next to the sand hearth covered with pine trees until 2013 was destroyed by 2014. In the last satellite imagery, the forest area 5 years ago is almost completely destroyed.


Reacting to the environmental destruction of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Member Nadir Ataman, CHP drawing controversy since the tender process of the third airport in Istanbul, drawing attention to the changes süre changes in the tender specifications, unpaid money to be paid to the public İ We have passed all of these 3. the airport completely disrupted the ecology in that region. They opened excavation areas, opened stone quarries, opened sand quarries. Haf Ataman emphasizes that almost all of the stone and sand quarries that are opened for providing airport construction are in the forest area. Anda It is clear how the forest was destroyed in the old and new satellite photographs. No one can tell the number of trees destroyed for the airport. They can not reach as much tree as they want to cut the amount of trees. There is no such example, which destroys the forests that disrupt the ecology of the region on earth. Dünya

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