Housing of Istanbul Airport Employees Channel Gospel of Istanbul

istanbul airport employees canal housing in Istanbul
istanbul airport employees canal housing in Istanbul

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 24. He visited the Conference of the Parties (COP24) and he made evaluations about the Canal Istanbul Project in Katovica, Poland.

. Kanal Istanbul's 1 / 100.000 scaled plans are ready, but we have not published them. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure also carries out the tender process. They gave us certain points to be based on the tender. The lower scale plans of these areas are also finished. So 5000, 1000 plans are also working.

Providing information about the arrangements to be made within the channel Istanbul route, the Authority said, fuar While doing the master plan of the site, we also worked in many areas such as finance island, fair area, university area and residential area. Maybe we are focusing on this as our Channel Istanbul Project is our priority. These works will be more prominent in the future. Çok

Within the scope of the project about a population of approximately 500 thousand people that draw attention to the housing projects they will do here at the same time, Istanbul as a reserve housing in the earthquake transformation they want to use said.


Emphasizing that these projects are suitable for Turkish culture and architecture, they want horizontally structured and aesthetic projects, he said:

Ları We want to have an example project where mosques, green areas and social areas are located around the squares and maybe even a few examples of it are Turkish Airlines (THY) and Emlak Konut together with an area of ​​3 thousand square meters and there will be . God willing, the first placement there, 600. In the first place, we will have approximately a housing project of around 3 thousand. I hope to realize the tender in February. Bun

Providing information on the details of the project, the Minister said, “In this project, the ground will not exceed 4. There will be a sample project and 3. It will be a project where the employees at the airport are easy to access. Havalim

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