Important Statements from Minister Turhan about Transportation Projects

information about transportation projects
information about transportation projects

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, the Ministry as a ministry with the support of 16 years for the country and the nation have worked continuously, he said.

Turhan stated that 537 billion liras has been invested in transportation and communication infrastructure so far and that they realized more than 100 billion liras in cooperation with public-private sector.

Turhan, as in the past, as well as in the past of the major giant projects are offered to the service by emphasizing, 3 bin 510 project continued to be passed.

Reminding that they opened the first phase of Istanbul Airport, one of the biggest projects in the world, on 29 October this year, Turhan continued as follows:

"Black in the 2 thousand 640 altitude Ovit Mountain and connects the eastern and southeastern Anatolia in Turkey, 14 thousand 300 meter carries the distinction of being the longest highway tunnel, we opened the Ovit Tunnel. As we continued the construction of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, one of our transcontinental projects, we also completed wind tests. At Rize-Artvin Airport, which will be the second airport of our country on the sea, we have made nearly 16 million tons of filling so far. We reached 2 thousand 600 meters in breakwater construction. We have brought the construction of the Kars Logistics Center, which is one of the complementary projects of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, which is one of the most important projects that will make our country a trade center in the world. "

Reminding that they opened the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, one of the important projects connecting Izmir and Manisa, in June, Turhan said that they completed a significant part of the drilling operations in the New Zigana Tunnel, the foundation of which was laid last year and will be Europe's longest tunnel, and that they will put the tunnel into service next year. .

"Divided road length will increase to 28 thousand 870 kilometers"

This year, although the Ministry of foreign manipulations of projects, investment, and spent a year full of service striking attention Turhan, next year will continue with a more intensive performance, he said.

Turhan stated that they plan to complete the 426-kilometer-long highway project that will connect Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir next year and put it into service.

The length of the divided roads in the 16 6 thousand 101 26 thousand kilometers per year 400 kilometers pointing out that the end of this year, until the end of this year 28 thousand 870 kilometers said they will take the kilometer.

Turhan emphasized that they will complete the İzmir-Aydın state road with a total length of 107 this year this year.

“Until today, we have made 51,9-kilometer section of the road with BSK and 38-kilometer surface coating. In addition, in 2019, we will complete projects such as Çay-Bolvadin-Emirdağ, Kahta-Narince-Siverek roads and Siverek Ring Road and Antalya Northern Ring Road. In addition, we will put into service Malatya-Hekimhan, IĢar, Honaz, Alacabel, Aşık Şenlik, Karasu, Güzeldere and Ilgar tunnels, some of our important tunnel works.

Turhan stated that the high-speed train and high-speed train construction works initiated all over the country will continue next year, and said, “We are continuing intensively to complete the construction of the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Railway Line at the end of 2019. We plan to complete the Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar-Uşak section of the Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Railway Line in 2020, the Uşak-Manisa-İzmir section in 2021, and the Ankara-Bursa line in 2020, and start operating. " he spoke.

Stating that they will complete the Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport rail system connection and the Sabiha Gökçen Airport railway connection next year, Turhan said that they aim to complete the 378-kilometer-long Samsun-Kalın Railway Line Modernization Project, which takes the provinces of Samsun, Amasya, Tokat and Sivas, in the next year.

Turhan stated that they will put the new terminal building of Balıkesir Central Airport into service in airlines, and that they have included Kayseri Airport New Terminal Building and Apron Construction and Amasya Merzifon Airport New Terminal Building and Apron Construction projects in the 2019 Investment Program.

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