Technical Trip to Çanakkale Bridge from Bursalı Engineers

imo bursa subesi canakkale koprusune technical trip organized
imo bursa subesi canakkale koprusune technical trip organized

İMO Bursa Branch continues its technical trips to increase the professional development of its members and ensure that the sample projects are seen in place. The members of İMO Bursa Branch organized a technical trip to 1915 Çanakkale Bridge site, which will be published as the world's longest span bridge. Construction engineers who visit the dry pool construction site where the basement foundations of Gelibolu are manufactured and built. Public Private Partnership Bursa, Çanakkale Motorway and Bridge Construction Investment and Operation Inc. They received information about the project with the presentation of Kemal Çetin.

Suspension Bridge Chief Çetin talked about the vision of the project, tender information, project structure, scope and highway bridge location. 1915 stressed that the Çanakkale Bridge will be the world's longest center-span bridge with a middle clearance of 2023 meters.

Turkey's most developed and the population density is highest in the region to ensure uninterrupted access to the motorway network, the Aegean region in the sights quick transport and Kemal stated that the execution of projects to support the farming activities Cetin, the project found a running time of year 16, the cost of so 70 ' noted that the bridge was divided into suspended.


Etken Çanakkale is a very windy place, land said Kemal Çetin, who said that the bridge was designed considering the climatic conditions, the current in the sea and the factors affecting the wind. The current, the wavelength affects us very much, so we work by fighting all these parameters and we plan to complete the bridge in the foreseen history. We conducted 3 test at the Çanakkale Bridge, two of which were towers and decks and one full-scale wind tunnel test. Wind; natural phenomenon in which you cannot predict behavior. It is important for such large structures. You're doing an account book at the desk, but when you put it in the wind test, there are other things, so the wind effect is a phenomenon that arises from trial and error and wind tunnel testing. Wind tunnel tests have an impact on the cost and health of the job. R

In the region where the Çanakkale Bridge is built, there is no earthquake hazard, such as the Osmangazi Bridge, but they do earthquake analysis, Çetin said that the ground was reinforced with steel piles against liquefaction.


Cetin also mentioned the features of the main cable, UM 144 wire bundle of each wire in the main cable to the end of the end of the world around the 4 once you reach a length to be wrapped around the 162 bin 236 corresponds to the kilometer. The Osmangazi Bridge corresponded to the 80 thousand kilometers. There are doubled here, Burada he said.

Following the presentation, the members of the İMO Bursa Branch examined the caisson wells, which are currently under construction in the dry pool.

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