Trial Rides on Varsak-Otogar Tram Line in February

if there is a bus station in the tram line trial surusleri subatta
if there is a bus station in the tram line trial surusleri subatta

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel, 3. He said that the test will take place in February. Türel said that he was disappointed with those waiting for the flood in Boğaçayı in the record rainfall of the century and said hayal If we hadn't done this, he would flood Arapsuyu and he would get a flood Yüzyıl. Species, 100. The Nation Garden, which they will do for the year, will be great as well.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, Officer-Sen Confederation visited the Antalya Branch. Officer-Sen Antalya Branch President Mustafa Çoban, the board of directors and members of the Türel, answered questions. When they took office, they stated that they had rescinded the 7 million debt to the personnel from the past period and added: ı We have reached a point where they can pay the premiums on the day of the day. Because we believe that we will be sensitive to the payment of your credit before it is dry. Antalya is losing when we lose, Biz he said.

We are not without
Stating that they performed historical services in Antalya with the support of the public, Türel said: “Now I say we will build a metro to Antalya. If we are not all together, can someone other than us make this Metro to Antalya? In my first term, we made 11 intersections and they couldn't make one intersection after us. We built 1 km of rail system, they couldn't add 11 centimeter. We took office again this term, we added 1 junctions to 11 junctions, and increased the 27 km rail system to 11 km. What happened? Motherland kazanwas.”

Boğaçayı'da waiting for floods suffered disappointment
Noting that there was no flood in the Boğaçayı Project despite the record rainfall, Mayor Türel said, “Two weeks ago, Antalya received the heaviest rainfall of the century with 483 kilograms per square meter. Even if there was a flood, those who came to Boğaçayı at night with their phones so that we could shoot it were dreamed of silence. We built Boğaçayı in sets to prevent flooding. If we had not built it, Arapsuyu would have flooded. They said, "Wow, the muddy water is flowing." Of course, the mud will come, we are trying so that the mud will come. He said they would not come. There are no sides to hold. They said that the drinking water that will take the sea inside will be polluted. We cleared the grass and mud to prevent flooding, the groundwater rose to the top, and there was no need to let the sea in. Now you can see this visual without letting the sea in. kazanwe went and they conceded a goal from there. There is not a single commercial unit in Boğaçayı. We always want good things and beauties in our country. Their problems should not enrich this country," he said.

Questions answered
President Türel, then answered questions from union members. Recalling that he was charged with turnover in relation to the Yoruk Festival arrangement, President Turel said, “Some of the cuts are modern in making beer festival, and I am a devotee for doing the Yoruk Festival. Then I told him. If the beer festival in this country to modernity, I said you're modern. If the Yoruk Festival to do the bigotry if I live my bigotry, "he said.

Test run in February
3. Providing information about the Varsak-Otogar stage of the Stage Rail System Project, President Türel stated that all the rails will be finished in 3 January and said: Proj We finish the section up to the bus station. 15 In January we planted all the catenary, poles. After that, we stretch the wires. In February, test runs will begin. From Varsak to the bus station. After that, the University will continue. This is another world record. We finish the 16 km line between Varsak-Bus Station in 3.5-4 months. 18 km second stage rail system 5.5 months have finished. We're at the construction site day and night. We will also remove the protection panels on the route within a week and return it to its original state. Güz
Mentioning that the National Garden will be a magnificent project to be made in Meltem region, President Türel said el Millet Garden will be the garden of houses in Meltem cak.

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