Çorlu Trainer's Life Lost Beren Baby's Name

he lost his life in a train accident
he lost his life in a train accident

Ergene Municipality 3 organized an event in the wedding hall of Pinarbasi to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Hundreds of citizens attended the event.

3 December was celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Ergene International Day of Persons with Disabilities. In the event held in the indoor wedding hall in Pinarbasi neighborhood, the citizens were enjoying the event, while Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel said, len We went out with this love, we are together with you with love P.

In his speech at the event, Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel said, ler We are not only in the 3 in December but in your every day. We went out of this way with love, we always call forward with our love. Your support will continue in this way every day with the trust we have received from you. As Ergene Municipality, we have put our signature under many projects in our Adolescence and our new projects are continuing. Today is the day of love, forgetting that we are all disabled candidates, I thank you for coming to our activity, "he said.

Chairman Yüksel continued his speech by saying, iz We opened this wedding hall in May at the Pınarbaşı neighborhood as Ergene Municipality. this will be completed in our project. To this day, we have built 19 wedding hall, 3 indoor sports hall and sports facilities within Ergene, but currently the most important training. We are in favor of education, from the first day we came to work, we gave importance to education, we will overcome the obstacles with training so we signed a beautiful project in the neighborhood of Yesiltepe and gave the name of the Beren baby who lost his life in a train crash in Corlu. We will open our Beren Baby Nursery with you, this project is very important among our working mothers, we will support our mothers and educate their children in this kindergarten Ber.

At the end of his speech, Chairman Yüksel said, “We have distributed hundreds of battery powered vehicles to our disabled brothers and sisters and we will continue to do so. We have a love vehicle at your service, and whenever you need this vehicle, we are as close as a phone call. In our new term, we have new park projects for our disabled brothers and sisters, we will make special playgrounds in these parks, these beautiful works are for you. kazanwe will go,” he said.

After the speech of Mr. Yüksel, the students of the Folklore Group of Ergene Municipality presented their folk dances, and after the folk dances, the Children's Choir established within the Ergene Municipality sang the most beautiful songs. Pınarbaşı Indoor Wedding Hall, guests participating in the event were served meals, live music accompanied by the hearts of citizens.

Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel, Vice President Ayça Albayraktar, Ergene Municipality Council Members, Ergene Municipality Republican People's Party District Chairman Mustafa Ulusoy, District Headmen and many citizens attended the event.

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