According to Gülermak, Signalization is Complete!

gulermaka gore signaling
gulermaka gore signaling

Important details about the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) disaster in 3 where 9 died and 86 was injured in Ankara began to emerge.

Here's what happened in the process of step-by-step disaster

Kayaş-Sincan commuter line was renewed. The signal system has not been activated yet. The tender won the Gülermak-Kolin partnership. On the official website of Gülermak, signalization among the works completed within the scope of the project was noted.

High speed trains from Ankara use this line for a while. With the trains, there was no signalization, so radio or telephone communication was provided.

The third line of the Ankara-Konya YHT was allocated according to the station. The train was traveling at an hourly rate of 80 per hour.

In the region, the guide train also served for several weeks. On the day of the accident, he completed his manual and maneuver on the grid train. The guide train, the high-speed train arrived on the line, causing the disaster. The entire judicial and administrative investigation process focused on the issue. Error or neglect is being investigated.

Is there any possibility of sabotage? Trains, head-to-head sabotage allegations also brought to the agenda. The judicial and administrative investigation will respond to the question marks on this issue.

Why is the NHT not aware of the trains? It is emphasized that the train's systems may have been deactivated because there is no signaling on this line.

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