İZBAN workers on strike want public support

Izban workers on strike want public support
Izban workers on strike want public support

İZBAN workers continue their strikes for a fee. The workers want support from the people of İzmir to end the strike quickly.

İZBAN workers continue their strikes for a wage that cannot be at all. Strike 2. leaving the day behind, workers are determined not to work without meeting their demands. İZBAN management, which has blocked the demands of the workers since the first day, has not yet been called to the union. While the people are victimized by this attitude, workers are waiting for support from the people of İzmir in order for the strike to end quickly.


We talked to İZBAN workers in the strike. Levent Akman, who works as a machinist, touched on the importance of driving and shift compensation requests. We have been demanding them for years, but we can't. We wanted a hike slightly above the inflation rate. This is not possible for us to accept. We do the same job TCDD, Marmaray, Ankaray get lower compared to them. The offers they offered throughout the contract also melted. We weren't favored. The people we contact face to face are positive, but especially in social media, it is not possible to understand the reactions and the people who give these reactions are like us. We do not want to be the victims of İzmir, but our only strength is the strike. Give them as much support as possible. We are determined to continue our strike until our demands are met Biz.


Kıvanç Tuncer, who works as a station operator, stated that they wanted their new contracts to be formed according to the conditions of the day and said: Our aim is not to be rich, but to live a human figure. 9, who has been working since the establishment of this place, does not want to think that we will still receive the minimum wage. I'm fighting to get what I got. We use our right of constitution, we have no other sanction power. Both TCDD and other institutions of the metropolitan area we are paid less. I'm sure that Izmir people will understand us when they compare. Everyone will put your hand on your conscience. The input and output of the institution is certain. We're not partners here. Forced to work under poverty and hunger is nothing to understand. We have nothing to lose. Bizim


Sercan Tumbar, who is working in the last wage in the group of mechanics, has a very low salary, said Sercan Tumbar. Living conditions are obvious. Even though I'm qualified, I get a minimum wage. The money we get is melting. Not to be affected. Our living standards have fallen. I can't do what I want even though I work at my wife. Usually passengers have a reaction because they are victims. There is a perception in the public about the high salaries we receive, but when we tell the truth, they believe and give us rights. We expect support from the people of İzmir. We're on a deal. This can be achieved faster with the support of the people, Bunu he said.


Abdil Acar, who works as a machine technician, stated that the last net salary was 1890 TL and he said: I paid the money for the 229 lira. I don't use air conditioning at home. Nevertheless, I paid this money. I have two kids studying. Everyone minus 4-5 thousand pounds. In order to survive, you cannot ask anyone for debt. We win bread here, we love İZBAN. We are also pleased to work at İZBAN. We do not want to share the pie, we only want the return of our labor. We are insufficient and we are trying to make our voice heard and we do it with a strike. We solve this problem by strike. The people of Izmir want not to be victims, but we are also victims. Everyone has a family, a child. Let them deserve us. Let them come and look at our payroll. There's a crisis in this country right now. No one expects sacrifice from us when I receive this salary. They force us out on strike. We could not agree on the table at 5 months. We don't have much to lose. We're not standing back from him. The people of Izmir should support us. İzmir


One of the main transportation arteries of the city, and only a small number of subcontractors are employed in İZBAN, which carries a thousand 400 a day. However, there are problems due to the lack of technical personnel during these voyages. The shutters of the stations are being lowered outside the opening hours. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is trying to solve the problem with additional flights, but this is not enough, especially during working hours. Some of the traffic of citizens with their own means to increase traffic on the road.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD's joint organization is between the bureaucrats of IZBAN and the railway-business union 4. The strike that began on the occasion of the period TIS talks blocked 2. left the day behind. Strike mechanic, technician, technician, station operator, 343 employee working as a box office employee are participating. 6 4 for months. The 63 clause of the 24 clause in the collective bargaining agreement has not been reached until now. The members of the Turkish Railroad-Trade Union asked for an 27 net increase for the first year and the inflation rate for the second year, while the İZBAN administration offered a 10 percent 22 raise including all social benefits. Against the demand of workers 112 daily jackpot İZBAN bureaucrats imposed 95 day bonuses. Also, there was no agreement between the demands of the workers and the demands for driving and shift compensation.


IZBAN is owned by State Railways and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with its 50 profit share. After the first meeting of the Turkish State Railways and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's collective bargaining agreement with the Demiryol-İş Trade Union, the İzmir Branch of the railway has sent a minimum of 3345 TL. İZBAN management did not accept this amount. Upon this, Demiryol-İş İzmir Branch decided to strike.

And finally the strike started. It was obvious today that we would talk about this at work. As the workers of İZBAN are going on a strike today, we want to share with them what the railway workers say. We start the conversation. ”Did you hear İZBAN workers going on strike?“


One of the workers, ve İZBAN workers are right to strike in order to get their rights. They get maximum 2000. What do the workers do if they don't go on strike? How can they get so low salary? 10 must be at least 3000 TL for the annual İZBAN worker and they are right to strike. X

Then the other worker entered:. İZBAN is already taking the whole burden of İzmir. It facilitates the transportation of Izmir. It is very easy to make this transportation is a very low amount of money because they are employees. How can you afford such a low salary in metropolitan Izmir? We support the workers of İZBAN, who, as railway workers, strike for their rightful demands.

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