Amazing Season Opening in Palandoken

great season in the palandok
great season in the palandok

The program was held in Palandöken Ski Center and the ski season was inaugurated. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality after the revival of investments in the lower and superstructure of the renewed ski center season was the scene of colorful images. Dedeman Resort In the platform set up in front of the hotel social media phenomenon and theater actor Bilal Tavlak'ın the program hosted by the ski torch and fireworks show cut breath. Erzurum Governor Okay Memis, in his speech at the opening of the season, one of the most outstanding ski resorts in the world, said that many branches of skiing and winter sports are made in Palandöken. Governor Memis invited all ski lovers to Erzurum, the capital of the ski resort. Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Tab, the first opening of the ski season, he said Palandöken Ski Center has made in Turkey. President Sekmen, said: zam Metropolitan Municipality in Erzurum, not only in local services but also in the economic, social, cultural and sportive problems of the city in Erzurum, the capital city of Erzurum, is a blessing, not as a burden, but as a profit of tourism capital of Erzurum. evaluated the beauty of this work out. From the day we took over from the Privatization Administration to discovering these beauties that are wonders of the World, we have built a new ski resort equipped with modern technology in every field. Özel


President Sekmen said that the number of local and foreign tourists in 2019 is 1 million. Sekmen, said: Pal We are running towards the record in the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting our city together with Palandöken Ski Center where more than one hundred projects are carried out with its superstructure and superstructure. 4 year ago, the number of local and foreign tourists in Erzurum 75 rode. Investments in Erzurum, Palandöken and Konaklı have increased this number to more than 755 with the projects realized in our ski resorts. Our goal this year is at least 1 million tourists. 4.5 200 in our city over the years by signing national and international organizations, festivals and championships with the unique beauty of Erzurum and Palandöken not only to Europe, we tried to tell the whole world. The future of Erzurum, its prestige in the field of culture and tourism, is undoubtedly linked to the ski resorts, skiing and ice sports, and the 3 in the Super League with the trophies we have collected over the years in Erzurumspor. In our city, which has golden blessings such as Palandöken and Konaklı Skiing Centers, we have taught skiing to our 40 thousand children with the Winter Sports Schools Project. I want to give a good news here today. Konaklı Ski Center will be free of charge to all Dadas. No fee will be charged to our citizens. Vat


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, "Paladöken Ski Center at the point reached today became the world's most distinguished and recognized tourist center," he said. Chairman Sekmen, said: kıs What we did in our ski resorts, I want to share with you briefly. Together with Konaklı, we have completely rebuilt our ski resorts with a total runway length of 64 kilometers. Palandöken Ski Center ski the 6 kilometers from Turkey's longest night skiing piste lovers we present consisting appreciation. We have transformed Palandöken Mountain into a secure center where 7 / 24 can be viewed, along with car parking, special ring vehicles for transportation, public café, fanus cafe and globe restaurants, bungalow houses, hot and cold drink stations, masjid and other social elements.

The construction of the new ropeway system in the dragon and valley tracks continues at full speed in our ski center, which has four-season entertainment centers. We pay great attention to making the name of Palandöken, which is the summit of Anatolia, to be heard and promoted to all over the world. Iyor Mayor Sekmen said, ın I hope that along with the light rail system and other mega projects, Erzurum will stand up during the second rearing period bit.

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