Governor Gül; Acak Fast Train Will Add Value to Nurdağı “

governor gul will add speed to the train nurdagina 1
governor gul will add speed to the train nurdagina 1

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül visited the Nurdağı and İslahiye districts as part of the district visits program. Investigating the construction of the High Speed ​​Train tunnel in Nurdağı district, Governor Gül said that the high speed train is an important project that will add value to Nurdağı.

Governor Gül, addressing Nurdağı district headmen in the governorship meeting room, said, i Every year, it comes with better investments and services than the previous year. The construction of the High Speed ​​Train is one of the best examples of this. With the completion of the high-speed train, the district will gain an important value. Hızlı

After the meeting, Governor Gül visited Nurdağı tradesmen; It was met with great interest by the tradesmen. A while with the trades sohbet He wished good and good gains.

L Activities supporting terrorist organizations will not be tolerated “

After visiting Nurdağı Governor Gül, who moved to Islahiye district, 106. Topçu Regiment Command Şehit Üsteğmen Alpay Başaran Barracks in the town of Nurdağı and Islahiye families and veterans came together and closely interested in martyrs.

Governor Gül, who also held a meeting with Islahiye district headmen, took the demands and demands of the village headmen.
Speaking to the Mukhtars Governor Gul, underlining that supportive activities of terrorist organizations to be tolerated citizens and citizens asked the security forces to be helped.

Governor Gül; Için We have martyrs, veterans, for the freedom and independence of this flag. These have the right to us. No one can tolerate the activities of encouraging terrorist organizations. In that sense, we're gonna go hand in hand. We will strive for better public order, As he said.

Governor Gül, who visited the Gendarmerie Commando Battalion Command in İslahiye, came together with the saints.

Governor Gül visited districts of the district and met with district governors, municipalities, district police directorates and district gendarmerie commanders and met with citizens.



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