Cable Car Instead of Bride

cable car
cable car

Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, Bilal Nadir Koç, who worked as a ropeway worker in Şahinbey Park, and his wife Melike Koç's wedding took care of the cable car.

Bilal Nadir Koç, who worked in the cable car in Şahinbey Park, realized his marriage in the ropeway each day. Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, the Mayor of Şahinbey Municipality, and Mr. Adem Erkan, General Manager of Şahinbey Municipality, and İsrafil Kesici, Human Resources Manager, made the wedding of the couple on the cable car.

First Time On The Cable Car

Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu Sahinbey, 10 annually under the mayor and said that the first wedding rite, ini Bilal Nadir Koc brother who served in the ropeway to declare that we want to put the wedding car on the teleferikte we said we would be with Melike hanım marriage. It was a first in our marriage. I wish my young couples happiness. Ben

Marriage Kiyan's Most Municipality Turkey

President Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, most marriages in Turkey stating that they have unsparing title municipalities, "Şahinbey Municipality as most marriages are unsparing and the municipality where most births take place. We made 2018 wedding contract days before the end of 7.100. We have number one in Turkey. Hopefully, we will complete this figure by 7.500 until the end of the month. İn

Our Idea's Idea

Damat Bilal Nadir Koç stated that the idea was from Israfil Kesici, Human Resources Manager. The idea of ​​making such a wedding came from our Human Resources Manager İsrafil Kesici. He shared with us what he had imagined at his own wedding. We like it, too. When our managers approved, we implemented such a thing. I'm so happy. I thank everyone very much ”.

Bride Melike Koç stated that she was excited terek I am so happy and very excited. I am very happy to be married to our Mayor, Şahinbey Mayor Mr. Mehmet Tahmazoğlu. Thank you everyone, H he said.

Cable Car Instead of Bride

Sahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu married the ceremony of Bilal Nadir Koç, and Melike Koç, then instead of taking a tour of the car with the cable car took a tour on the Sahinbey Park Sahinbey Park views.


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