% 70i of GAZİRAY Project OK

% 70i of GAZİRAY Project OK
% 70i of GAZİRAY Project OK

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, GAZİRAY Suburban Project, which is planned to carry a thousand people per dayin general terms 70said the completion.

TCDD and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the start of the year 2017 the construction GAZİRAY Suburbs Project Following the examination on construction sites in Başpınar Region Turhan Minister in a statement to reporters, Gaziantep, Turkey and the developing of, he said growing major city.

Pointing out that the city, which has made significant strides in recent years, has turned the crisis into opportunities, Turhan reminded that they have implemented the GAZİRAY Project with the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep in order to solve the transportation problems in Gaziantep.

Turhan said that the project, which works with great speed, will provide convenience to the future high speed train and transportation to be used in the city.

Edil The project has taken significant distances. The project is in the 25 kilometer-long section between the Başpınar and Mustafa Yavuz intersections. It will even be found on the 16 station. This project will provide transportation between the settlements and working areas of Gaziantep. 360 will serve a thousand citizens every day and in a sense, we are implementing an infrastructure project that will serve Gaziantep as a public transportation. We plan to open the project to the stage stage. In general, progress in the project is in the 70 level. Genel

Turhan said that the project will be completed in 5, and that the project will be completed in 2020.

Minister Turhan, Gaziantep-Oğuzeli road construction work in the road after the investigation was also found.

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