Gaziray Project Should Not Be Hurried

gaziray project should not be rushed
gaziray project should not be rushed

Baler Fidan, the head of the Turkish Transport Union, said in a statement that he was worried about the high-speed train accident in Ankara and expressed his gratitude to the 3 who was killed in the accident. said the accident took place at an unexpected moment.

Fidan argued that the accident was due to the lack of signaling system in the region, m Maybe it was a preventable accident. However, there was an accident due to the lack of a signaling system and the lack of contact with the mechanic and the center through radio and telephone. The accident cannot be attributed to the detained TCDD officers. Our wish is to remove lessons from this accident in Ankara and to prevent future accidents. Hopefully we will not face such accidents again, bir he said.

Fidan, who is calling for not to rush the Gaziray Project, which is the construction of a high-speed train and tram line in Gaziantep, said, Proj As you know in Gaziantep, a connection with Gaziray Project is considered. The Gaziray project is planned to be completed by the end of March at 2019. This project should not be rushed for the promise of choice. Substantial work must be done by removing the lessons from the accidents. Kaz

For the transportation problem which is one of the biggest problems of Gaziantep, both the Turkish State Railways and the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality have made a joint Gaziray project and have taken the biggest way to solve the transportation. Gaziray project will be operated by 25 station with 17 kilometers between Başpınar and Mustafa Yavuz stations. There will be a new stadium, bus station and new residential areas on the route connecting the small industrial site and the organized industrial site. The project, which will serve the suburban series with all kinds of comfort, especially the air conditioning and security system, will make a significant contribution to the urban transportation of Gaziantep, which reaches to the population of 2 million. In the first quarter of 2019 is planned to be completed, with the aim of transporting a thousand people in the first place 100 a day.

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