Gaziantep Airport New Teminal Building Will Be Launched In 2020

gaziantep airport will be launched in 2020
gaziantep airport will be launched in 2020

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who came to Gaziantep for a series of visits and contacts, received information from the authorities by examining the ongoing works regarding the enlargement of Gaziantep Airport Terminals and the construction of the new terminal building.

Turhan, who made statements to the press after his examinations, stated that Gaziantep Airport New Terminal building will be opened in 2020 and said:

“We are growing our terminals regarding the airport, which plays an important role in the air transportation of our Gaziantep. After Diyarbakır, our passengers will have the opportunity to board the plane directly from the terminal with bellows tunnels at our Gaziantep Airport. We have started the work of our terminal which contains 6 new additional gusseted systems, and we continue this. Hopefully, in 2020, we will open our new terminal and we will use our old terminal as international lines.

We have recently received information about the ILS device of this airport, which does not reflect some truth in written and visual media. Our airport has a category 2 level ILS device. ” (SAE)

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