From Kocaoglu to İZBAN Workers to End Strike


Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who gave information about the strike in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, said: 'In a period where all the institutions have the financial shortage from the strongest to the weakest, the 22 raise is a time given by sacrifice; it is necessary to know its value. I wish my fellow workers, who combined their fate with the fate of the city, to switch back to working as soon as possible by taking their salary fees, Kendi he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu informed members of the Metropolitan Council about the strike in İZBAN, which has a significant share in public transportation, and made a call to union representatives and İZBAN employees. Mayor Kocaoglu, la In this crisis environment while everyone is experiencing a troubled process, all institutions in the short-term from the strongest to the most powerless financial shortage in the process of a percentage of the 22 raise, sacrifice is a given. It is necessary to know the value of this. Here, I would like to end the strike and sign the TIS, and that my colleagues, who are both unionists and a resident of Izmir, combine the destiny of the city with the fate of the city, will be working again as soon as possible by taking their salary fees, Burada he said.

I'm following the process closely
President Aziz Kocaoglu reminded the negotiations of the Collective Labor Agreement (TİS) held in 2 years ago at İZBAN, and he was carrying out this process by pulling on all the lightning bolts as the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. President Ergün Atalay said that they settled the matter by speaking.

President Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that they are partners with TCDD in İZBAN and they are the partners of 50.
. I made the statement that the General Directorate of TCDD can run this process. I never thought I had to put his hand under the rope. But I never stopped or watched the job for a second. We had interviews. İZBAN company representatives friends and TCDD went to our friends, met. I went to TCDD last week; We have come together to solve this problem of strike and to solve your problem since its foundation. bu

Not to set precedent
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who explained the reasons for TCDD to stand out in the İZBAN strike, said: Koca One of the reasons why I stopped working in this business is the situation we live in today. In this process, I had the idea that the Central Government would not be in a decision that would set a precedent over the figure that the Central Government was considering to give to the civil servants and workers in the negotiations for the contract. For the state, for the nation .. I made it clear to TCDD General Manager. 'Today we are doing the Collective Labor Agreement (TİS), this should also be in accordance with the policy of the government,' he warned the general manager. They also made various calls. In the end we decided to raise 22 percent. The strike started even though we gave this hike. As the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we have taken the necessary measures. We've reinforced bus routes. We created new lines. We reduced the metro 3 to one per minute; we took the tram to 5 every minute; we increased the voyages. Lat We ran through the first day with the least damage,. He said.

Words that transcend themselves
Making the description of the hike in a simple way everyone says in the language they understand President Kocaoglu, said:
Ar Everyone makes the recipe for the hike. My hike recipe; What did the 1 get with the bonus in the year? Did he buy 100? From the start of the contract you will get 122 pounds. Unionist friends 40 produces the formula. It's their job, it's their job! Until today, what we, neither İZBAN, nor TCDD side 'we gave the hike' he did not talk. Trade unionists took such an attitude. They said words that were beyond them. I would like to express that he is also wrong. I believe that it is right for the trade union struggle to seek rights in certain rules. We, as İZBAN, have made a maximum increase with our partner. The remaining part belongs to the union. Why the union? They're being selected to make TIS. But they take the hike rate of the employee, 'vote to you' he says. I'm gonna do it. Then what is the union need? O

Call to Izmir
President Aziz Kocaoglu, who also called on the citizens of İzmir, said: ini We are asking that those who are obliged to use a private car should not go alone, take a task such as carrying friends who are on the same route, and make the appropriate ones travel outside of the morning and evening hours. I believe that we will overcome this problem together. I wish everyone would do their best eni.


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