Free Parking at Nilufer

Free parking at nilufer
Free parking at nilufer

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality brought a fundamental solution to the problem of parking in İhsaniye Square, where the municipality building, district governorate and tax offices are located in Nilüfer. By the Metropolitan Municipality, 7 has been converted into a free parking lot of one thousand square meters and the residents can leave their free parking lot vehicles free of charge and take care of their business in official institutions.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which provides a sensible relief in traffic by means of smart junction applications and road expansions initiated in order to solve the transportation problem in Bursa, on the other hand, produces alternative solutions to areas experiencing parking problems. The issue of the car park, which is the most important problem of the citizens, was resolved by the Metropolitan Municipality in the İhsaniye Square where there are district municipalities, district governorships and tax offices in Nilüfer District. Upon request from the residents of the region, one of the Metropolitan Municipality's affiliates, BURBAK, turned the parking lot into a parking lot of approximately 7 thousand square meters. A total of 400 vehicle capacity parking lots are available free of charge, while the daily occupancy rate reaches the 300 vehicle.

Citizens who came to see their work in the official institutions but could not find a place to park their vehicles and had to use the paid parking lots, took a sigh of relief with the free parking application of the Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens who leave their vehicles in the BURBAK car park with their peace of mind so that they can easily carry out their operations in official institutions.

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