Channel Istanbul Project continues to increase its foreign interest!

foreign interest in the channel istanbul project continues to increase
foreign interest in the channel istanbul project continues to increase

Adopted as a project that will change the fate of the Canal Istanbul Turkey continues to exponentially increase foreign interest in the project.

Yeni Akit According to the news by the Presidency Investment Office President Arda Ermut, Channel Istanbul tender about the new found.

There is intensive demand for the canal in Istanbul
The channel Istanbul project, which will be built with Build Operate Transfer model, attracted the attention of foreigners, while the President of the Presidency Investment Office Arda Ermut said that they evaluated the intense interest and the applications they made and said sür We will see who will be in Kanal Istanbul.

Europeans like the Asians are now applying for the project. There are successive questions from the Italians who care about our country. Applicants are mostly engaged in contracting, transportation and storage. Of course, new sectors will be added to these sectors.

It is not easy to predict whether Kanal Istanbul will offer new opportunities or what type of investments will be made in which area. But it is certain that the project will bring serious investments and make a significant contribution to our economy. ”

Turkey Foreign Investor Interest Is Growing Exponentially
Stating that the interest of foreign investors is increasing, Ermut said, Er Germany, England, Belgium and Holland are at the forefront. But 10 has been attracting investments from Far East countries like Japan and China for years. In other words, we see diversification in our investment and trading markets.

This is a very good table. We remember that the 2008 crisis hit Europe, and that foreign investments coming to our country have seen a significant contraction. For this reason, we are trying to attract investments from other countries and markets, in this way we aim to increase our resilience to economic attacks and problems. Kel

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