Fatsa Running and Cycling Road Project

fatsa kosu and bicycle path project is going fast
fatsa kosu and bicycle path project is going fast

The projects prepared by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality for different sports areas for citizens are implemented individually. The construction of the Bike and Runway Project in Fatsa district continues uninterruptedly.

Marking that the project's 60 is completed, the Mayor Engin Tekintaş stated that the installation of the colorful asphalt pavement and lighting pillars will be made and the investment will be put into service.


Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Altınordu District, Akyazı District and 19 September. After the work he has done in the Atatürk docks, he also offers a similar study in the town of Fatsa. Mr. Tekintaş stated that the works continued in Fatsa Cycling and Running Road Project, continued teşvik We continue to build social areas where our citizens can spend a long time while encouraging sport and movement in our city. In the project that we will implement in the town of Fatsa following Altınordu, excavation works, filling works, laying of power lines, anchoring of electric poles and concrete works were completed and the work was brought to% 60. With the installation of colorful asphalt pavers and lighting poles, we will be presenting the project to our people in a short time. Renkli


The project will be implemented in the area of ​​10 m580 2 thousand President Engin Tekintaş said, UM Within the project to be implemented in the 2,5 bin 10 m580 area of ​​the coast with 2 km length within the scope of construction work of Fatsa district Atatürk Park Bike and Runway, 2.70 m wide bike path and 3,5 m wide running path to do. Within the scope of the project, lighting work will be carried out by using decorative lighting poles with height 5 m on the route Proje.

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