The names of the father and son who died in the train crash in Çorlu were given to the park

father and his son's names in the train crash were given to the park
father and his son's names in the train crash were given to the park

Oguz Arda Sel, who lost his life with his father Hakan Sel in the accident that happened as a result of derailment of the train in Corlu in July, was given a park in Yalova.

According to the instructions of the Mayor of Yalova Vefa Salman Kazımkarabekir Mahallesi Onur On the opening of the park on the street Hakan Sel's wife Oguz Arda Sel mother of mother Selim Selin and his mother Necmettin Sel also joined.

President Salman, 'Creating Awareness'

President Salman stated that future generations created awareness to know these events. Değil We name the parks, the reason for giving these parks is not just my family sensitivity. We give the names of our sons, brothers and sisters who lost their lives at a young age for various reasons. My idea here is my sense of consciousness, awareness in the next generations, and awareness of why these people have lost their lives and raising awareness about the measures to be taken in the future. Bur

'I Feel More Responsible'

Mayor Salman stated that Mısra Sel closely followed the struggle on social media. . Of course, it was very important for me that Mısra, who lost both his wife and son, affected me in the social media. I felt more responsible as he followed his struggle. We believe in fate, but the Lord says; 'For this world as if we will not die at all, work for the other world as if we will die tomorrow' he says. In other words, we must take all measures and measures that we should not leave ourselves to fate, supreme Lord. This accident occurred since the attack on our brother who is unequivocal Mısra unfortunately occurred in the recent train accident occurred, gel he said.

'Our Heart Burdened'

Mısra Sel, who started by saying that a child knows his pain but loses his child; Istiy I would like to start my words with my son, my wife and 5 citizens who have lost the train crash in Çorlu, 24 months ago with love, respect and mercy. In addition, I also remember our 9 citizens who have lost the train crash last week. Parks are playgrounds for children. My child is under the soil because of negligence. This park is a gift to all children and they will play here and live their lives in such omissions. 5 has been suffering a lot for months. Mothers who have lost a child's pain only know. To share this pain, to touch this pain slightly alleviated our heart burden. I express my gratitude to the Mayor of Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman and his wife, Dilek. Humanity goes through sensibility. I hope it doesn't happen to me today. Bugün

'Vefa Salman'a Many Thanks'

The father of Hakan Sel, who died in the accident, Arda Sel's grandfather Necmettin Sel; Ik I don't mean happy day, it's not easy, our son lost our grandchild. I hope that such events will not happen again and take necessary measures. I thank Vefa Salman. Honored us. I want people who live here to claim this park. Burada

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