Minister Turhan's 3 December World Disability Day Message

facing turhanin 3 interval world disability day message
facing turhanin 3 interval world disability day message

Another fact of our country, which has a dynamic, productive and hard working population, is that a large part of our population is composed of disabled citizens. At this point, our government, which prioritizes equality of opportunity in every field, strives to facilitate the lives of our disabled citizens and to realize their hopes and aspirations. Since the first day of our office, we have taken on an important task and responsibility. In order to eliminate the deficiencies of our country in the field of social services, social services and security of our disabled people like in modern countries, we have worked with the strength to operate the social state principle at the highest level. We have mobilized all our opportunities to enable our disabled people to participate in daily life, to integrate into society, to create added value for society with equal opportunity.

As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, we have put their hands on the ground and we have implemented an important project. We have made our airports, garages and ports a barrier. We have removed the barriers of our disabled citizens to reach their transportation systems. With the proj I'm a Varim iş project, we provided job opportunities to our young people in wheelchairs in call centers. Then we became a larger family with our young people with Down Syndrome. This is not enough, Gören Göz project to light our citizens with visual disabilities. Because we; We have received the principle of 'people first' on the basis of our service policy. Regardless of who, no matter where, no matter where they were before.

With this in mind we're making this year the Passenger Transportation Services in Turkey Accessibility Project to life. We facilitate the access of our citizens with mobility restrictions to passenger transport services and pedestrian areas. As a ministry, all of our people can reach and reach in all areas; we will work in this field until we bring our country to a contemporary level.

With these thoughts, I wish 3 December World Disability Day will raise awareness for disabled people and people with disabilities all over the world and I greet all our citizens with love.

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